last night A, a fellow CSer and an american midwesterner said:

until i was about 11, i tell my dad i should be a filipino. i wanted to be a filipino. all my filipino friends can sing and dance, and i want to be just like them.

whilst having lunch with a viet kiew friend H in an unassuming resto somewhere in dist 3 of hcmc, he said:

this patis to us viets is like oil to US & China and Middle East

hahahah! what an analogy!

inside vasco’s (bar in SGN), caucasian went straight to my table

guy: hi you’re alone? what about if i buy you a drink and keep you company. (then sits on the chair across me).

me: HEY! what about if i buy you a drink but you sit on that farthest table from me?

dooh! talk about bi@#hiness, i know. but come on! you can’t just assume someone who goes out alone needs a company and worse of a stranger.

i sometimes drink alone to drift, to forget and to pass time without noticing it. it’s a little solitude i have with the liquor.

and besides if i wish to be with my friends i’d invite them along, i wont go solo. so please for the life of you…give me my space on those moments.

i’m beginning to use on a daily basis viet’s “same same but different” phrase. whether it’s serving me well or not in my workplace, that i’m not really sure.

i started seriously studying vietnamese language for the past week. my colleague says she has a growing animosity with vietnamese, but i demur. i know this roots to miscommunication, cuz they are generally poor english speakers whilst she & i speak nothing more than 4 phrases in viet. i resolved that the only way i can really appreciate the way of the locals is to be able to communicate with them effectively. that said, can i say, i am actually enjoying life in saigon oi (sans the homesick attack!).


3 Responses to “cracks”

  1. 1 sardonicnell 21 August, 2008 at 12:12 am

    hahaha, naloka ako sa sinabi mo don sa preskong guy sa bar. you are such a character, lalo na pala when you need your space. hehehe!

  2. 2 witchkitty 22 August, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Re: guy at the bar … that’s one reason i dont go out alone! they think you are looking for something! geez!

    waah isnt it so strange that we do love to travel but we do feel homesick eventually? hope u r well mars! ingats lagi .. i miss Vietnam!

  3. 3 franc 23 August, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    banggi… cool naman yung comment mo sa bar… hehe… via saigon pala yung trip ko ta Cambodia this monday, and pabalik wednesday kaso sandali lang yung connecting time… di din ako maka extend kasi alis din ako for hk on friday… sayang…

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