4000 riel = 1 USD (easiest currency conversion i had in months!)

i lost my debit / credit cards, compass, nalgene tumbler and coin purse in this trip, but even if it did bother me for some time…cuz these are my travel necessities…i cannot equate it to the utter beauty of the experience of a last minute backpacking trip to cambodia.

and though my saigon flat is only a bus ride away from phnom penh, i keep on delaying my trip to cross the border. either i had no time (yet!) or i was still waiting for that perfect timing to finally visit the age-old-dream-must-see-places.

bus ride to PP seems forever. sitting for almost 6 hours with a supposed-great-book-to-read-but-printed-like-crap, or without my ipod’s music playing and worst a dubbed comedy local show being played on bus telly doesn’t sound fun at all. the couch though is very comfy, (one can easily fall asleep), i keep on tossing and turning all because i can’t wait to reach PP and start my adventure. yes i’m impatient, and i hate waiting.

but all grumpiness & tiredness had vanished as soon as we settled in our hostel and thought about the new adventure we’re about to take.

pp looks definitely behind saigon if we’d use economic parameters as scale. but it has more character that bites you instantly. i can’t really figure it out but i think i can breathe freely (both literary & figuratively) in this capital city. and since we only have a day to see PP, we rented a tuktuk to ensure that we’d cover all the places we wanted to go.


viet nam – cambodia border



the royal palace


sisowath quay boulevard (like our very own baywalk)



wat phnom whilst we sports our krama (scarf); we learned that we wore it incorrectly though :-)


national musuem

but because of our very limited time in PP, we failed to visit the killing fields and oudong, to try the ever famous happy herb pizza, to have an amara massage and to try an authentic khmer cuisine somwhere at the sisowath quay area :-(

it may be a very short trip, but i’d say it’s enough for me to understand why cambodia capitalizes on its tourism.

i’m definitely coming back!

sihanoukville ello?!!! :-)


3 Responses to “4000 riel = 1 USD (easiest currency conversion i had in months!)”

  1. 2 banggigay 14 September, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    yes kuya? bat di ka nangimbita sa talimitam open climb? :(

  2. 3 bentot 14 September, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    uy! haffy herb pizza! Now why didn’t I think of that. :)

    Tara uwi ka nalang dito at gawan kita nun. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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