i’ve always thought that my closest buddies are mostly males

congratulations to my fellow BWK, Manang, for bagging the best sports blog award in the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards! wooot!wooot! manang deserves it! come on? who else in PI can inspire even the laziest chap, a complacent mum, an office slob yuppy and even a scalawag teenager to start pounding the street and fully embrace the running culture?

and i have not even started how she made running as popular as it is now in PI.

but to us BWK, we know her blog is not even the slightest attempt of being a pop blog. it is in itself her luv story!

so to you manang a.k.a. the bull runner, mwaaaah!

oh and btw, to philippine blog awards committee, shame on you for not inviting TBR!!! you failed to let TBR grace the night by wearing her trademark well-coordinated running outfit! ;-) and yes, you miss her brand of humour you only get to discover if she is not behind her notebook and blogging, right margaloo?? :-)


BWK is cofounded by Jaymie, Marga and yours truly. an exclusive sorority where you can’t just join anytime you wish, membership is by invitation only. so if you received one already, congratulations! you have what it takes to be a BWK! your BWK journey starts with us! :-). to date chaia & maui have successfully made it! hahahah!

eyeluvyou girls! :-)

i missed my super friend’s cruise party in Saigon. not that i am even thinkin’ of how amazing celebrating a birthday on a cruise is, or how yummy her cheese selection is, or how bright and crisp her barbera wines are or how rich and complex her chardonnays are (yeah she made me appreciate wine more by making me understand its character!), or how many CS buddies are attending or how fabulous her attire would be…

i felt so bad cuz i miss a dear friend’s birthday!!! of all shindigs i’d miss why her over a month-long planned birthday party :-(

she is the closest girlfriend i have in saigon – crazy club hopping, road trips by bike, pool parties, street side bia hoi drinking, pigging out in barbecue bistros, wine & cheese nights and cherished heart to heart chats all these and more made her one of the top reasons why living in viet nam is afterall such a beautiful experience!

mi amiga, i will be back! promise! i will see you again in the city, not for work but for pleasure! we’d travel and bond more!

haaappy birthday and mwaaaah!


after months of separation, the tres locas finally had a date again! ohhhh i miss my two mares! you know how real friends remain friends even after long months of absence! my ateneo life without them is like summer without hitting the beach!

sleepovers, videoke till dawn, bar hops, soap like dramas, laughing like there’s nothing in this world but us, grad school galore, quarter life crisis, career dilemmas, luv life ordeals, joys of singlehood and yeah celebrating life and evrything in between!

tres locas reunite and yeah our BFF bacardi coke! haha!

yllel is my most perennial girl buddy. we’re pole to pole in so many ways but our friendship stood the test of time.

and with our renewed friendship or i must say “sisterhood” i miss her now that we dont live together anymore. i miss wrestling her on bed, teasing her when she watches PDA via livestreaming online, setting her up on dates, munching our favorite hello panda, bargain shopping at ban thanh’s night market and yes working with her especially with really difficult clients! :-)

i know though that this year is not yet over for yet another fantastic travel for us! :-)


liz my 1st soul sistah! rooted from the 4 walls of my highscool campus, we managed to find our individuality without losing our sense of sameness! from regular sleep overs and kitakits in the past, now we are limited to chatting and seasonal hanging out (that is if she goes home for a week from Cali). and i miss her badly. really!

IMG 040

ohhhhh! and my two sistahs! yeah, they are my little sisters. i have never told this to them but, they are my little sisters! we’ve gone through a lot! from work pressure to family glitch to household misunderstandings to typical friends’ arguments – name it, we had it! but my almost five years living and working with them is like going to a school where my adult life was formed! and i am happy and thankful indeed that those times were shared with two real and amazing people! :-)

my two bubwits!

and my BES! kambal bituka and BFF!!! much as i wanted to be with her as she tries to find herself, i learned in life to let the person that really matters to you enjoy her space and wait till she gets back to you with a revived understanding of her individuality. i’m happy she is now free in every sense of the word and now we can really savor our friendship! i really miss our endless chikkahan during sleepovers!

bes, you know i got your back always!!! mwaaaah!



5 Responses to “i’ve always thought that my closest buddies are mostly males”

  1. 1 marga 25 September, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    VIVA BWK!!!! :D

    i never really enjoyed female company until i met you BWKs! last night was a RIOT!

  2. 2 thebullrunner 29 September, 2008 at 6:05 am

    Aaaw, thanks banggi girl! I’m so glad you’re back. See you at our first BWK race – KOTR! BTW, no thanks for calling me Manang :)

  3. 3 banggigay 2 October, 2008 at 12:29 am

    margaloo, yeah RIOT! :-)

    jaymie, margaloo said we have to wear a gimik uniform! :-)

  4. 5 Louis 13 November, 2008 at 8:11 am

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