it’s drizzling outside

i keep on saying i hate politics but the amount of books i read either one way or another have political tone in it.

how can i not be interested with it when you care so much about what’s going on around you. you can’t help to be nonchalant how a lot of problems in our society can all be rooted to political decisions the government has taken or policies that have been implemented.

and in few hours the epic of presidential race in US will end. and yes, i’m one of those non-american voters who are backing the visions obama has laid during the campaign! :-) let’s face it, this election will dictate where this economic downturn globally will lead. and by that, the rest of the world is closely monitoring who will take the next seat in the white house.

quite honestly i’m excited of this election :-) the same excitement i had in all our national elections where i religiously casted my vote. nothing beats the drama of sitting, waiting & wishing* you know :-)

anyway, J’s mum sent him a package thru my mailbox. and guess what, it’s a ballot so J can cast his vote and support his boss Obama. shocks! i was actaully thrilled just to see him shading the box for obama’s name :-)joel votes for O

just when i thought i already reached my quota for my book expense, yesterday, because i was soooo bummed (this deserve a different post!), made a major purchase of books for the year! i know it’s sooo untimely with christmas season already in the air, but i am incredibly happy of the books i got! i’ll just rationalize my spending by staying home in the next weeks and not go out at night (even friday nights) with friends.

first in line is epicenter.

i’ve started flipping its pages and so far rosenberg hasn’t failed me like he has delivered in his last jihad (1st of his trilogy) book i just finished last month! :-)


woot! woot!

can you relate when one says books are his org@sm??!! ;p

weeks ago, it was my college friend’s turn to tie the knot…and he is the nth to settle down. and the nagging question prevailed that night, “how bout you bangge? when do you plan to get married?”, and i was quick to answer, “as far as i’m concern, i’m still happy and that’s all that matters :-)”





so please, if you’re planning to ask me the same question or the very least give me that look, believe me – there’s so much life out there for me than getting married, oh well at least for now :-) and hey! life has just started with me and i’m luvin’ it! :-)

to my good good girlfriend who’s in great grief now, we’d see you tonight ok? hugs!

* from jack johnson’s single


3 Responses to “it’s drizzling outside”

  1. 1 witchkitty 6 November, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    @ least I am not alone getting tired being asked “so when are you getting married?”

  2. 2 banggigay 6 November, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    believe me, we are not alone! :-) some are out there busy doing their own thing and some are even our travel buddies enjoying the great outdoors, yes? :-)

  3. 3 jong 23 November, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    as they say, everything is political
    and what is personal is political

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