session 5

yes, doc canlas gave me a green light for the rehabilitation to start :-) he didn’t open my laceration again and said there’s no need for an MRI to be carried out. double yay!!! i can’t contain my happiness hearing the best news ever since that fateful night in HCMC :-)

he had my sutures removed and was asked,

when do you want to be back in shape?

soon doc. soon if that’s possible.

do you know where moro lorenzo is?

yes doc, been there before.

then he wrote something on the paper,


(whatever that means).

went to MLSC last friday and got introduced to R, my therapist (in the next 8 weeks) and to Y to assist in the rehabilitation program designed for my knee. They’re both very nice and i felt personal concern to me right away. Inside the sports clinic, beds were filled with uni varsities, cheer dancer, and even PBA superstars like AT and another one who i can only recognize the face. it was funny because i suddenly felt out-of-place cause they all got injured whilst playing but there i was narrating to R how my motobike accident happened. i have to qualify though that i am a sports junkie (but not necessarily a 1st rate athlete,hehe!) and is in constant pursuit not to be complacent with my mediocre finish.

i was made to bend my knee, and though i was able to do it, i admitted to R it was really difficult for me.Β  i was then made to distinguish the pain, whether due to the stitched cut (already dry outside though) or the knee itself. after several repetitions, i said it’s the cut. so he said it’s just a superficial pain, but they will address it by subjecting the kelloid to tissue non-surgical fixing.i added though i felt tightness on the knee part but not really painful.

both my legs were measured and there was a 1.5cm difference (acckk!). my right leg has become smaller and as explained was due to non-activity of it for a long time. an instrument was placed to my VMO & quads then a low current was made to run thru it. Y said this is to let the muscles to contract again as it seems these muscles stopped working thus there was an imbalance on my knee which causes difficulty when i walk.

then i was made to clip a volleyball between my knees and raised it to my chest. arrrrrg! this was the most difficult part. i felt pain even to my lower back, but i was made to finish 3 sets of 10 repetitions. waaah!

then another drill was to put all the marbles inside a vessel using only my right toes. it’s funny cuz i thought it’s too easy but when i spoke to Y, she said it lets me develop my control again.

1st session finished without sweat but i was told the next sessions would be slightly different. i’d be made to do some drills that wouls isolate my VMO and quads, and he said it’s not gonna be easy. i was registered to a 3 month program for a thrice a week therapy session, but can be reduced depending on my progress.

i kid about the rehab package, “uy, im not a national athlete ah? so dont charge me like a superstar”, of which he replied, “dont pay on a per session basis but enroll to an entire program so that would save you a little. check also with your insurance if this will be covered, para it would spare you from spending further.”

oh god! i can’t thank enough i got myself a travel insurance last year. (this deserves another posting)

later, im on my 5th session. i would say i’ve improved dramatically. my friends who saw me right after the surgery said apart from the nasty looking knee (im not kidding, it really is nasty!), i dont seeem to be someone who just had a surgery. and as my dear amiga said, “tyagain mo lang talga yang therapy mo, so you will recover fast”.

and though i cant still descend the stairs not doing it on sideways, i cant stand up with my right leg first and at night when it’s really cold i feel little pain i still am happy of the little developments i have made, no more crutches, no more knee braces, no more swollen knee, a little knee bending here and there, and just recently (last friday)Β  i was able to drive again on my own. yaaaay!

imagine the ordeal of having a driver (actually my bro most of the time) to drive me around. i feel like a burden to him. and it was a relief to be seated on the driver’s seat again :-)

to all my well meaning friends, you know who you are, we’d soon see each other in action! woohooo!


2 Responses to “session 5”

  1. 1 Mon 25 January, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    Yehey!!! It’s a go go go for recovery. Baka naman pagkatapos ng therapy mo, biglang magbionic woman ka at talunin mo kami lahat. Anyway, whatever happens, we are glad that the injury is not permanent.

    take care.

  2. 2 e-rod 2 February, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    good luck with the recovery banggi!

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