i’m still sobbing



Dear Roger,

My heart was in great pain watching the final set draw to close. I know how you wanted to meet Rafa in the Finals and show the million fans out there how beautiful tennis is, but I know too how you desire to get the Cup.

People don’t understand it’s not just about getting the 14th Grand Slam Cup nor getting the 4th Oz title. It’s the disappointment of being that close to the Cup, so close that you can almost taste it, but it slipped in your hand and got snatched by your greatest rival.

But all those who saw the game would say it’s indeed another classic match! A match that would be etched in oz open history. And yes even after losing from Rafa, you remain the crowd favorite in the rod laver arena.

When they saw you shed tears last night, you’ve earned their respect more than ever. It was indeed an emotional moment. I welled tears with you. arrrrg! How my heart broke seeing your lips trembling like that! But I have to say I admired too Rafa’s humility and sensitivity. He has all the right to gloat about his finish but he credited you for your greatness and he expressed his confidence in surpassing Pete’s record.

My Fed, it’s just the start of the year. More tournaments ahead, and more final match-ups to go. Don’t be disheartened by this loss. Your spirit is that of a real champion. You will get over it and you will be back in the court with the same strength, passion and gusto!




Perhaps you need a new inspiration. *ehem*

Would I be too bold if I volunteer? ;-)


1 Response to “i’m still sobbing”

  1. 1 Nora, the golden girl 3 February, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Banggigay! I’m very happy that you’re also a fan of the great Roger Federer. Rico and Rene posted in my blog that they are also sympathizers. Do you know of other runners who are like us? I’m so excited to know all of them.

    I’m still in shock of what happened at the Finals. My latest post is also about our dear Rog’s heartbreaking defeat.

    Take care. Hope to see you in future races!

    Nora, the golden girl

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