fancy to see John & Craig on March? :-)

was chatting randomly to my travel buddies G & S whilst i was driving to the launching of CME’s Ocean Wave Pool (deserves a separate post) on how i’d want to see again Gary V’s 25 (the repeat) if only i have extra moolah. i was raving how his anniversary concert last year (i saw the nov 14 show) was a real blast!!! Gary V is one artist i would always luv to see as he is indeed Mr. Energy! eyeluv concerts that rocks the Dome BIG time and only a concert king like him can do it non-stop for 3 hours! yessss! 3 hours!

went out with my atenean friends (the tres locas saw the 15th show which i can’t as i was heading to anawangin that weekend) , and M was surprised i can sing (to the letter) each and every song he sang that night. hahahahah! i can even name what movie it was scored. ok ok! i’m a BIG fan! i skipped rihanna’s & her beau (ex) chris concert so i can splurge on GV‘s ticket! hahaha! can you blame me for that? ;-) thus it was a bummer to bring a cam without a bat! booo! good thing N was armed with his P&S. otherwise i wont forgive myself for being a real twat and not eternalize the moment with photos. we’re too close to the stage man!!! i’d say the highlight was when Gary V sang a duet with his lovely mum! wooow! his mum is still a stunner at 60+!!! i luv also his daughter’s performance with him! he adores kiana, you’d sense it onstage! awwww!


he doesnt age at all

surprise guest


and just when i said i’m cost cutting…OMG!!! my two crushes are having a concert here back to back on March! waaaaah!

i regretted skipping his concert in HKG, and thought that’s my last chance to see him perform live. i infact surrendered that fancy already. but when G said, he is comin’ over next month…wooohooo…immediately checked online for his tickets :-)

i can hear myself humming…pls baby dont…dont fall in love with me…

26.03.09 save the date! ;-) the music genius is comin here!!! :-)

and how can i pass the chance of seeing the brit chap sing his ticket to fame fill me in? had sooo many nights of chatting with H that should Craig hold a concert somewhere here in Asia, we’d definitely cross oceans to celebrate night of gooood music! and watta bonus that he included MNL in his ’09 world tour!!! double wooohoo! H, i know you’re jealous, as you’re there in dubai. but i promise you, i will take great photos & vids of the concert! ;-)

27.03.09 save the date! ;-) our R&B hunk will swing by here!!! ;-)

i heart being in Manila again!  it’s becoming a pitstop of world’s greatest artists. now 2 down again on my looong list.

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