it’s EDSA day. in the hearts of true blue democracy lover filipinos, a momentous day of people power. people all over the world witnessed how filipinos had marched together and with bloodless revolution, overthrew a dictator.

i was barely 7 yrs old that time. martial law, dictator, nepotism, corruption, democracy and freedom are mere political words my young mind can’t relate to my own world.

today, almost 23 yrs after, i have a deeper sense of what happened in EDSA. whatever freedom we have now, including a mundane blog posting like this, can be rooted from what was won over that EDSA day.

but hey, today marks also another special day! it may not be a historic event worthy of commemoration by a nation year after year, but it’s a turning point in my life that would propel me to my real passion.

it’s been 6 years, when i first walked the hallways of this building. i practically grew-up in this organization. it was never easy working with a multinational firm whilst trying to find my niche, proving to everyone my significance, keeping a very steep learning curve, balancing life outside my cubicle and listening to that gentle voice inside my head. and as you go to the higher step of the ladder, responsibilities get enormous sometimes at a soaring proportion. peter parker put it perfectly, power comes with responsibility. but i’m not complaining.

then comes to the saturation stage. sitting inside my cubicle, going out to site, analayzing cost data, formulating marketing strategies, evaluating risks and harnessing a system no longer excite me. and working with people whose values have already been skewed, it felt like tiptoeing incessantly on a very thin line of my own values. frolicking of hopping to another boat, weighing my options, shifting career, taking a gap year, pursuing my passion have been my daily staples for a year. i always find myself back to the international drawing board. and I always go back to this one notion – i no longer find joy in my career’s path!

need to learn new things, need to explore new worlds, need something i can put again my heart into – even if it means leaving my aged-old comfort zone. economy is bad at the moment and uncertainty is the prevailing theme. but for someone who doesn’t wanna lose the drive for life, all these unrest suddenly loses its value. she’ll break free and chase that path that would define her as a person without compromising her real joy.

no drama, no excuses, no apologies, i sat with the ManCom and finally said it.

goodbye bins, it’s been a bittersweet relationship. but it just have to end where it should end. to my colleagues whom i already considered my friends, i’d surely miss you.

i’m serving my 30-day notice, commencing today. woohoo! ;-) freedom is such a sweet word indeed!


7 Responses to “today”

  1. 1 abby 27 February, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    good luck mare, i’m happy for you. embrace change!

  2. 3 silverprodigy 28 February, 2009 at 8:29 am

    as i told a lawyer friend who is getting frustrated with the legal system in the philippines, his dream of becoming a full-time diving instructor is not farfetch… for this moment, i dedicate the song “boston” by augustana… wandersoles activitate!

  3. 5 crfbernardo 1 March, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    hi banggigay..good luck. i know we just briefly knew each other in college but i’ve always admired you as a person. keep that zest in life and passion to achieve your dreams. one time i said to myself “don’t look for a job, but instead a career” a career that makes you happy doing. have a nice day =). by the way, im updating my website and my blog soon.

  4. 6 witchkitty 2 March, 2009 at 11:27 am

    brave girl! :) I am sure Bins will miss you! go conquer the world ;-)

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