running starts here

to say that i was ecstatic of my yesterday’s run is an understatement. when your doctor said you can run in 6mos and you were able to be back only 3mos after the accident, despite it being a short 3k run only, it’s like winning a lotto jackpot prize already.

it’s my second in a row already for the condura race, this time though it’s dubbed as ‘run to save the whale shark’. in prep for the run, i had a good 4K run at bora’s fine white sand stretch. i got knackered big time (which made me sleep in a club there for over an hour – will post it separately) but as if it was already a good sign to proceed with the sunday run when pain on my knee was inexistent.

2 yrs in a row :-)

saturday night, i was actually both nervous and excited how i’d fare the next day. nervous cuz i haven’t joined a race locally since…hmmm…october? and after i had my motobike accident in Vn (when i was preparing like a mad man for a full marathon in HKG on Feb), i haven’t ran since then. i had first time jitters whilst we were assembled there at the 3k starting lane. and as soon as i heard the gun shot, wooohooo! i felt like getting reunited to my old self, back when running and other sports were my daily staples. nervous also cuz i am not sure whether my knee will let me down. my PT diagnosis is that my right knee still is very weak (operative word: very!). and me hurting it whilst running is a great possibility.

i’m equally excited too cuz i really miss pounding the streets and the euphoria it gives me after i finished a run with or without a PR. and the thought that i’d again see old running mates makes me more enthusiastic of waking up at a very unholy hour to make it for the 6am call.

430ish received a call from indayguapa to wake me up (as i requested) so i wont be late for the run. moved like flash and a little over 15mins i was off driving to the global city. i was already parking next to the nbc tent when i heard the first gun shot of the morning – the go signal for the 21k runners.

rushed to the assembly area and did my prerequisite stretching. my PT really didnt approve my decision to run, but he said if i would insist at least do him a favour and do a proper stretching minutes before the run. so i guess im not really stubborn at all by following his instruction :-)

met-up with the wandersoles sans silverprodigy – indayguapa, wanderlass, pinaydiver and girlie. both girlie and wanderlass are newbies in running. it was just their first race, and i really am happy they have enjoyed it albeit the initial hesitation to join. it was even kidded by G that she now really understands the true meaning of peer pressure! hahahah!

wandersoles sans Z

we decided to stay at the tail end when the gun was fired. it being a fun run, one could really sense the prevailing atmosphere – very light and easy. there was no trace at all of the gravity and competition i am so used to whenever i’d run 10k. there, no one was talking about PR. no one was trying to outpace a fellow runner. no one was panting because no one was pushing it hard. i wasn’t sure if i prefer it or not. but what i know was that i too was enjoying it. i am happy to just be there running again. i was delighted to pace a 1st timer friend. i was giddily crackin’ jokes and sharin’ run anecdotes with her. i was too loose to take photos with my dslr (yes i brought a dslr on a run). and most of all, i was not feeling anything on my injured knee. naaah! no nothing :-)

we crossed the finished line beyond the 30min mark, but man!!! i was ecstatic of the finish! it was momentous to say the least. hahaha!

was handed with my first finisher certificate of the year and i accepted it like a token to remind me, today science was beaten by an eager heart! not even a still wobbly knee can stop a heart of a true sports lover. eyelurveit!!! :-)

then one by one, i saw my good ol’ running mates –  the  h@ppy feet peeps! hugs and besos here and there even with the still sweaty skins. gawd! how i miss them! marga, joms, ben, JT, rivka, maui, carmen, tics, jordz and jaymie. i stood right there at the finish line to wait for all the 21k runners who dared to be part of history of running the skyway! wooot woot! i wanted to congratulate my mates right there at the tape when they are still wheezing. by that i can somehow get to share their joy in strongly crossing the tape :-)

h@ppy feet buddies

grabbed a copy of the brainchild of tbr, a good friend of mine. and again another real upper of the morning. TBR whom we fondly call manang has just launched her self titled running magazine – in full colors and magazine finish paper for free! wooohoo!

TBR launching

then when majority of the iamninoy runners were assembled, which by the way i was part of the successful launching that day too, we had chit chats with M & J, peeps behind the group who issued us the lovely shirt. we’re 50 iamninoy runners in all, and i know only about half of them, but with all of us wearing that glowing yellow shirt, with one advocacy in our heads, made us somehow instant brothers and sisters that day.

iamninoy runners

wearin it proud! :-)

man behind the condura run

condura run was a success. it’s like a reunion of some sort too. congrats to ton & pat and their team. it was indeed a blockbuster race! same goes to all the finishers – to my h@ppy feet family, to iamninoyrunners and to the wandersoles! :-)

i always say i know how to celebrate little victories like this. i have to say now, my comeback run is more than a little victory to me! it’s indeed a smashin’ hit! :-)

go bebi!

euphoric finisher :-)


9 Responses to “running starts here”

  1. 1 joms 24 March, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Nice seeing you running again Banggi! I pray you fully recover na para back in action ka na talaga.


    • 2 banggigay 24 March, 2009 at 1:21 pm

      Joms thanks thanks! t’was splendid to see the gang albeit incomplete! Oh and btw! wow legs!!! hahahaha! i ws just gone for several months and look at you! nyorty nyorts?! :-)

  2. 3 Running Diva 24 March, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    Congratulations, Banggi for that wonderful finish.

  3. 5 marga 25 March, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    woooo next time uli mars! pagaling lalo!

  4. 6 witchkitty 26 March, 2009 at 8:49 am

    aylabeet! can’t wait when you are fully recovered! I so miss you!

  5. 7 lonerunner 29 March, 2009 at 7:41 am

    Si Joms naka-short shorts na? heheh

    Buti k p u were able to run sa BORA. i tried running barefoot ginaya ko yung isang foreign runner kaso after 2K ang sakit na sa paa.

    Kaw b yung nag sabi na u want to retire sa Bora ( aint sure pero I heard it from someone sa HF grp e)

  6. 9 lonerunner 31 March, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    lets go Bangge!!!! :)

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