1Q down

i’m happy to conclude march with a BIG BIG smile:

4 books finished.

march accomplishment :-)

eat, pray, love. present to me couple of months ago by my couchsurfer (turned friend) before he left. been hearing raves about this book, and it’s been recommended to me by manang TBR, but i didn’t start flipping its page till L, my sis said i can totally relate to the character. i definitely luv this book!

underground. for a murakami follower, this one is a mediocre. ’nuff said. as this wont change how i admire this gifted jap writer :-)

china inc., been always fascinated with china’s rise in the last years and i think this book has a lot to say how the once sleeping giant becomes a now economic giant ;-)

para kay B. my solemate Z gave this as her christmas present. if not because of her naughty note posted on its cover i wouldn’t have given it a 2nd look. but thanks to it, it made me give it a try knowing that it’s a ricky lee collection, and for a change a tagalog (filipino dialect) book to stash. can i just say that it’s brilliantly written and that i am now a ricky lee convert?! :-)

now in between two books. still haven’t let go of my habit of starting another book when i haven’t even finished the ones on my headboard.

3 smashin’ concerts:

eraserheads reunion concert: the final set. 07.03. there at the MOA openground, i went back to my tender years. back when my only dream was to be a rockstar :-) my highschool days wont be complete without the concerts or gigs my mates and i frequent. and eheads?? yeah! we followed them like crazy!! but who didn’t? who cannot sing alapaap? huling el bimbo? with a smile? drive? sembreak? and the list goes on. it became so nostalgic further when i saw my highschool best mate B, on the big screen, whom i shared the luv for live music and whom i was with also when cutterpillow was launched at the UP sunken garden. apparently he went home here in MNL (from toronto) after 4 years to attend a common friend’s wedding but he made sure he can be here early to see the reunion concert! didn’t even klnow they will be there! man! it was fantastic!

the reluctant star (me thinks)

eheads: the final set

john legend. 26.03. when i missed him in HKG, i promised myself i will never let a chance pass of seeing this musical genius perform live! and i was ecstatic to find out he will perform in MNL. woot woot! he knew exactly what chord to hit that made his audience utterly entertained. his voice is awesome. awesome.awesome! sexiness personified ;-)

he did a marley too! :-)


craig david. 27.03. putting my luv for brit music aside, he’s indeed a total artist. he made us up our feet 98% of the time. would have been a lot better if he didn’t say “peace out” only after a little over an hour of the concert. it’s soooo bitin (t’was cut short).

mah girlfriends


bummer: (1) didnt get to sneak in my DSLR during the eheads concert. but good thing my solemate B, has a fab G9 that saved our night :-) (2) was successful to bring in my DSLR at the dome on both concerts BUT booo! i forgot to bring my 200mm lens both nights. blech! so i contented myself with my wide angle lens.

wasn’t happy to hear coldplay skipped MNL for their tour, but with these 3 splendid concerts, who am i to complain? :-)

2 races

condura run. cant miss this run by a fellow h@ppyfeet, not to mention i truly support its cause to save the whalesharks in donsol! anything for the luv of environment. count me in. but the real upper? it’s my comeback run, and i made it in 3months after the nasty accident! :-) wootwoot!

pinay in action (PIA). 2nd year in joining Sen Pia’s advocacy to empower women. and because the run’s advocacies adhere to wandersoles’ aspirations, we decided to make this our 1st ever run together (complete) and be a part of its mission. from 3K in the previous week (condura’s), we pushed it a litte longer to 5K. did i feel any pain? naaah! none at all! i may be pacing very slowly but it didnt matter to me. i enjoyed my run and i’m celebrating my amazing progress with my knee injury. yaaay!


wandersoles + candie + sen. pia

wandersoles + h@ppyfeet

1 language (being) learned – mandarin

mentioned here how i’d luv to learn a new language. and it took me 2 years to finally enroll to ateneo’s confucius chinese language institute (a partnership with China’s sun yat sen university). last march 17, i completed my mandarin basic (level 1). not only i acquired new knowledge but also gained new friends. i’m amazed how many beautiful people out there. mandarin is a difficult language to learn, or to me at least. with its tone and weird sentence structure it made learning french a piece of cake. i never got frustrated so often when i was still a student at alliance français de manille. my learning curve was on a linear positive slope. all i remember are happy days during my français days. but with mandarin, i feel like i’m one of the weakest students in class. and believe me it didnt feel right. i always need to review my notes and listen to my audio CDs. in my car, i’d play chinese music. in my ipod, i’d listen to mandarin tutorial. i did all these to get myself acquainted with tone distinction. all these for an extra mile inch. but if you really are passionate about it, no amount of frustration can stop you from learning it. now, we’re checking for Level 2 classes schedule. in the next weeks we’ll be back in the loyola campus to let our brain cells be as absorptive as possible to hanyu. i can hear my classmates again saying, ni hao tongxue! :-)

with my laoshi Jane


been a month since i quit my job. but it’s been an eventful 1st gap month for me. i can’t have it any better! :-) with the rate things goin’, i feel after my self-declared gap months, i will come out a brand new person – happier and more equipped!

how bout you? how did your 1st quarter fare? let’s trade stories.

  • photos with watermarks are swiped from my solemate, indayguapa.

2 Responses to “1Q down”

  1. 1 wanderlass 31 March, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    i finished several books too this quarter including the eat,pray,love and a murakami also (south of the border, west of the cloud, my first of his, i like). i like the 4,3,2,1 presentation. busy 1st quarter, busier quarters to come i’m sure!

    cheers, L

  2. 2 matt 31 March, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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