spreadin’ the earth luv

whenever i reminisce my childhood days, i always end up thinking of happy days. summers meant flying a kite, playing patintero, tumbang preso, siyato and taguan. on weekends, dad brings us to la mesa dam (it isn’t a park yet) and he’d teach us how to fish. we’d cook the fish we caught and bring some home by putting it inside a container filled with ice blocks. then a picnic in wildlife park or nayong pilipino were our rewards for getting good grades and helping mum in the household chores. on some weekends too, CCP complex is our playground and we’d rent a bike and race our way to the main building’s fountain. those were the days when having a picnic at the heart of the city and biking around are still ideal family activities.

but happiness doesn’t stop on summer days. rainy season signals a totally different set of games for all the children in our neighborhood. at the start of the season, when pouring wasn’t still heavy, kids, including my siblings and i, go outside and take a shower in what we used to call “shower ni Jesus”. all our playmates, boys and girls alike, were wearing nothing but shorts whilst we run and play in the streets of our small village. in our tender age, playing under the rain is when we experience ultimate joy – right there on the streets, with our friends, whilst we’re kissing the rain.

and when the rain stops, we’d go to the curb & gutter where we’d play the bangkang papel (paperboat) race :-)  i never won a single race, as my boat would always get soaked easily and sink in the rainwater. but i remember i always go home utterly happy for i get to play again in the rain. these are the simple yet blissful days i had decades ago. things i wish my future kids get to experience too as children. but i’m afraid with how things are getting more modernized, the ones playing fields have become too polluted to even hang out. sweet rain we used to enjoy has now become too acidic due to pollutants in the air. i dread the day when my future kids can only kick ball on wii sports and not experience getting all mudded up and getting bruised sometimes in the field because if i let them play outside, chances of them breathing dirty air is too high. i can’t imagine them not being able to climb mango trees like we used to, and eat its sweet fruits while sitting on one of its branches because trees have all gone down to give way to another infrastructure to be built (like shopping malls). i wouldn’t want to see my kids growing not knowing what a river is cuz all the rivers have turned to stinky dumpsites.

today, the world is celebrating the international earth day, i wish every mankind know the perils we will be facing in the years ahead, if we continue to care less to our environment. if only we would all do our share, even in our own littlest thing, we can still save it from its neck-breaking speed deterioration.


i made a list of some recommendations for all my earth luving friends:

1. decline plastic bags especially when you buy only small and light stuff from the convenience stores / sari-sari stores

2. keep candy wrappers in your pocket. throw your rubbish only when you see a rubbish bin.

3. if you’re office is a good 20-30mins walk only from your house, take this chance to minimize air pollution by not driving your car to office. You get to save parking fees, you get to do some morning exercise as well.

4. don’t just buy earth bags. use it everytime you do the grocery.

5. have your cars checked for smoke emission to ensure your cars don’t smoke belch.

6. segregate your rubbish at home

7. never use styrofor.avoid ordering take away in fast food chains, more often than not, they use styro to pack their food. blech!!!

8. support organizations promoting sustainable environment – greenpeace, wwf, stopglobalwarming and bantaykalikasan your little contribution wont hurt your credit cards. (think of it this way, your monthly or your one-time contribution equates only to the amount of soda or starbucks cup you consume monthly or even less)

9. join any social activities that promote greener environment – like tree planting, tour of the fireflies, run for pasig river, run for tubbataha etc

10. be vigilant in the streets. get the plate numbers of the vehicles that smoke belch then SMS it to proper institutions (i did this several times already). SMS : Type DOTC Then send to 2299

Or SMS : Usok (space) plate number (space) location sighted (space) vehicle identification, then send to 2366

wish to add more stuff on my list, so help me out building the list of spreadin’-the-earth-luv :-)


4 Responses to “spreadin’ the earth luv”

  1. 1 lonerunner 29 April, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    Bangge, Kaw ba yung nag kwento na nag hahabol ka ng smoke belching na buses to report them dyan sa 2299? Heheheh

    OO seryoso na talaga ang climate change. sbi nga if this will not stop bka maging extinct na ang human specie. More rains and floods in the years to come.

    Napanuod ko yung 11th hr at inconvenient truth.. grabe!!!

    I am quite pessimistic that we can still reverse this climate problem kasi the world is so reliant sa fossil fuels. Sna mali ako.

  2. 2 I Shed T h i r t y P o u n d s in Thirty Days 6 May, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for blogging. I will certainly be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good work

  3. 3 Nikki 27 May, 2009 at 9:50 am


    I forgot to mention to you, that I saw you biking with the firefly brigade. I was along Ayala that time.

    Thanks for sharing this worthy cause.


  4. 4 banggigay 28 May, 2009 at 3:06 am

    ismith, yep i’m the one :-) on CC, if we cant totally reverse it in our lifetime, at least we can do something for the future of our children diba? i know you’re already doin your share ;)

    nikki, really? hahaha! i supposed you didn’t call me cuz i looked like im about to faint! hang init graaabe that day! padyak is nothing, it’s the afternoon sun that killed me :-( but im happppy to finish it :-)

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