baby steps again

lately i prefer doing my journal in my old school notebook. not because i hardly go online (which is the contrary) but because i have the autonomy of not sanitizing my thoughts in my little notebook. but i realize that hey! there’s a privacy option on this site and let that do the trick :-)

so now im back to my world wide web home and slowly trying to re-acquaint myself in doing the drill.


SPLENDID!!! a career slam for my Fed!  14 grand slam to tie with Pete. and wot’s sweeter about it? two in a row on a clay court  – Madrid & Paris! :-) wooohooo! i have to say the road to finals was tough, when most of your games were close matches, but after that match with Monfils, there was no way but up for you! :-) wimbledon, here we come! :-)


my mate J is now in europa. another mate J is flying there in a week or so. and it’s only now i realize how i sooo miss europa. whilst i was writing all the restos i tried in paris and versailles, and the plays i saw in LDN, and the train routes i had when i crossed 6 countries last summer (as they have requested to help them out with their iti), i felt this aching feeling how i enjoyed my european trip last year.

it didn’t help to receive updates from KLM how cheap their flights are now. a business class would cost one only for a return ticket to most of the key cities in Eu a friggin’  1200++ USD only!!! that’s a steal!!! (but ok, i’d get the coach tickets, nonetheless ;p )

worst, to sit inside the theater with my travel buddy / solemate ordinaire L, to see Angels & Demons, when i almost didn’t notice how the movie adaptation’s totally different from the book i read 3 yrs ago. why? because we’re not concentrating on the film but we’re both fantacising to be in italia that very moment to take 1001 photos of all the places mentioned in Brown’s story. that movie’s indeed an eye candy! dammit! that night i resolved to scoring a 10mm lens for my cam!

but i can’t let my luv for europa overcome my project: save for US tour ;p i can’t let my highschool buddy L down, when i have already declined being her maid-of-honour because of my initial concern with my visa. but now that i have it, i promised her that i’d cross oceans and continents to celebrate with her on her union with her soul mate. and a sidetrip for a month both in west and east coast will surely be part of the agenda.

and since i’m having a hard time totally cutting my expense now that i’m a freelancer, i really need to be creative now on coming up with sidejobs before september comes.


my comeback dive was a PG weekend dive! oh yes! a wicked dive at verde island passage! (this deserves a separate posting!). after months of not being able to dive due to my accident on a moped ride, i felt like a new diver again super eager beaver to dive every chance i can get :-)


for someone who publicly declares her aversion to treadmill, i even shocked myself swiping that plastic card in a sportshouse’ counter to have that no-frill-only-standard-features treadmill for myself.

why not, when it’s been raining incessantly in MNL and thus prevent me from training my knee?!

thanks to 0% interest rate at 6mos to pay promo of hsbc!!! hahahaah!


got a new adapted sibling. she just turned two, but i sometimes think she’s two years older. she drives the whole household crazy, but she is the current luv of my life!!!! :-)


2 Responses to “baby steps again”

  1. 1 wanderlass 8 June, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    sana i sold u my threadmill nalang. ha ha. i take credit card also. viva italia! or n.y.c. here we come. ano ba? L

  2. 2 macromedia 7 July, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    Hmm. Is it true? :-)

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