savouring fleeting moments :-)

yesterday, i intentionally left my two mob phones and drove with my family to first in antipolo, then to laguna (luisiana). wanna leave the cares of the city life behind even if it’s ephemeral only. wanna breathe fresh air, push the pedals (been a while) and reconnect to nature, so i thought since we will be taking the alternative route to Laguna (to attend a nephew’s christening) via Antipolo, why not leave our house earlier so we can do some RnR.

at 5ish, my dad, bro & i are biking already the seemingly endless uphill road of antipolo. it was exhausting! i was panting 50% of the time but i was rewarded with such beauty of the sierra madre mountain range & the laguna de bay. everytime i’d rest stop, i get too close to quittting. was having cramps on both my quads and was feeling dizzy already. but my bro & dad would stop too to keep me hydrated and fueled (thanks to PowerBar Gel green apple, i am now a convert),  so in a matter of minutes, i was again back to my feet and feeling the fresh air against my cheeks!

my bike’s antediluvian odometer displayed 53km of sheer delight!! quite frankly, with all the uphills we went through, i would give it a 100km bike workout!!! hahaha!. ok, perhaps it was just me. my legs cant still take the beating. i was already wheezing but dad & bro were still whistling! blech! it wasn’t fair!

but if you’d ask me, will i do it again? i’d be quick to answer – ABSOLUTELY! and next time, i hope weather would be better so i wont hesitate bringing my P&S cam with me.

and how i wish i live in antipolo or i have at least a relative living there, so i can crash to his place every weekend and get to bike more around rizal.

biking in antipolo gives you utter happiness! :-)

* thanks to my solemate, L, cuz my bro used her bike as we only have 2 bikes at home :-) your hybrid bike rocks!

what is luv???

twister fries is back!!! yay!

and for straight 7 days, i’ve been stuffing myself with it and its 2nd best partner coke mcfloat (only 2nd cuz i still think A&W rootbeer float is its perfect partner! :p )!!!

this isn’t funny. i am welcoming chubbylandia with open arms! but ello?! that’s what working out is for – to have the liberty to eat whatever one wants! ;-) skewed reasoning, i know!

so if i invite you for a spur-of-the-moment meet-up, you already know where i wanna go, yes? :-)

had N buy me a book cuz i can’t find it here in MNL, since he will be swinging by in a couple of days, i sent him an email and requested to buy it for me.

but he sent me an email back after a few days and said he cant find it too in HKG, so when i met him up here in MNL i was suprised of what he handed me over instead…


woot woot!!! :-)

next time he’s down here, i promise to buy him a pint, and a subzero at that! :-)


2 Responses to “savouring fleeting moments :-)”

  1. 1 witchkitty 22 July, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    mars! I lurve twister fries too!! any mcdonald fries :D hahaha
    ei … kung mapadaan ka ng NZ … Let me know.. I had a trip planned there on 1st week Nov :)

  2. 2 markyramone 27 July, 2009 at 6:46 am

    I miss A&W rootbeer float…

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