i miss you a hundred times over

been a while. yeah!

past months have been crazy, in a good way though! and i can’t find time to sit for a moment to write post my train of thoughts or at the very least update you with my whereabouts (for those few who bother).

i can’t use my crappy connection at home as an excuse, cuz i manage to check FB, twitter, gmail, hotmail, wunderground and US Open daily.

not that i lost the luv to chronicle things, cuz i still do. my journal (yeah the old school notebook) has never been sooo busy as it is now!

for whatever it is, i’m glad to be back!

let’s do some catching up, yes?

philippines’ national icon for democracy, tita cory, died last month. and though i tried to queue to pay my last respect to her at the cathedral, the throng of people who wanted to do the same to our late president was just unbelievable!!! i’ve never seen such admiration from every filipino to a political figure like that! i hope she has stirred the luv for democracy and luv for country to each one of us once more. and i hope it would be reflected in the upcoming election on 2010.for sure, she’d hope nothing but for us to vote wisely!

so tomorrow, on her 40th day of passing, iamninoy runners will do a Heroes Run at Makati! and i have signed in to be a part of it!

since i missed cinemalaya last year (i was in ‘Nam workin), i promised i will see all the competition films this year. but, wooooah! i think philippine indie films have gone mainstream already! young one came in droves. it was too difficult to get a ticket. and parking lots were all filled!

i saw 5 of the 10 finalist only. and i wasn’t able to see my bet, Dinig Sana Kita in our three attempts! even drove to UP Film Institute (for the special screening) just to see it. o well! at least now the small and genius artists are now getting the attention they deserve! it’s about time to recognize fresh and stellar talents!

of the 5 i saw, i like Mangatyanan the most. it was difficult to fathom though how the protagonist was able to forgive her father in the end. arrrrg!

the best full length film went to Last Supper No. 3. i hope cinemelaya would soon release DVDs so we’d get the chance to see those films we’ve missed.

it’s a welcome alternative to silverscreen’s multimillion peso productions!


decided to finally…move diving to a notch higher!

woohoo! currently taking NAUI’s Master Scuba Diver Course! :-) i’m on my last check-out dive next weekend! more of this on my next entries! got too many things to share!

after my payatas stint, i almost caught dengue fever. waaah! i had 3 shots on my arm and i was monitored for platelet count fluctuation. it was scary like hell! i first thought it was the epidemic – swine flu. for 3 days i was manifesting all the symptoms of being an AH1N1 positive. then on my 4th day, despite my strong aversion to doctors and hospitals,  i told my dad, i wanna have myself checked cuz i feel so sick.

of course it freaked my my folks big time! they knew how i hate hospitals and getting hospitalized. they took a swab test from me, and after few hours, i was declared negative with the flu. BUT my platelet count was critical, so i had to be monitored closely.

i was given 3 meds to take, all of which are ridiculously priced in the pharmacy! made me then wondered how on earth an ordinay filipino can survive a simple flu when meds are effin expensive!!! i was told too to drink lots of water. my blood was found to be too thick. oh my! i had to force myself to drink water regularly. it was a toil believe me!

but thank God i was cleared on the 7th day. it was a false alarm. there was no need for a blood transfusion or whatsoever. wooohoo!

i was up & about two days after. even drove to tagaytay to hang-out, chill & zipline with 2 of my solemates, Z & L and my CS friend A. wooohooo!

i’m prepping for almost a 2 month long trip.

US of A and Canada, here i come!!! :-)

will be driving around west coast, with my mate B, and would be seeing as many good ol’ friends as possible. and it would be highlighted with a camping at Yosemite National Park! woooohooo!

then i’d fly to east coast to see some relatives, then be immersed with everything NYC! and as if it’s not enough, my solemates L & L are flying to NY too! we will rock east coast together like no other! :-)

broadway shows, liberty island, halloween, NY marathon, CS gatherings and all that jazz!

and i’m keeping my hopes up, we will be crossing to montreal to get the vibe of the old quebec! :-) wooot wooot!

i’m excited how our trip would roll!

there you go…i will update you more later.



PS: i miss you my crib!


1 Response to “i miss you a hundred times over”

  1. 1 nikka 9 September, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    saw mangatyanan too. liked it. although the protagonist didn’t forgive her father in the end. it was the mother she forgave.

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