sweet little victory

had my feet analysis (yes first time! would you believe?) just this afternoon at Runnr, not to be scientific with my approach in my come back runs BUT:

-to justify my whim to purchase a new pair of shoes :-) i just bought a pair last November and it has only logged about a little less than 150Km. but i dont like it anymore just because. dooh! i guess what i had was a short-term fascination only to it. i bought it 30s after i saw it. and now we have not even shared 30 good long training runs, and im tired of it.

-to validate my sudden liking for very loud colored running shoes when i’ve always opted to get the safe and neutral colored ones.

-to rationalize why i’d buy that rather expensive *swallows hard* pair when i can get something about 30% cheaper but is at par to its features.

so there, i was told i have a neutral foot type and a medium arch type. and that i can choose among the shoes on the rack categorised to provide ‘stability’ .

reposting from here:

Neutral foot type: The outside of the heel strikes the ground first and the foot rolls inward slightly absorbing the shock more effectively which allows the foot and ankle to properly support the body. The foot pronates, but not excessively. The foot pushes off evenly at the end of the gait cycle with mild pronation. Your ankles and feet maintain the vertical line of the lower leg.

when i was checkin for what shoes to get, lo and behold! the pair i just bought is there on the rack.

so did i go home whistling with a paper bag in my hand?

NO!!! :-)

cuz i thought better! realized, i just need to rekindle my recent flame with my Zoom Equalon+ 4 by logging more runs with it and appreciate how despite my impulsiveness in buying it, i’m lucky to have chosen the right shoes for my feet type :-)

afterall, i promised to save some this year by dramatically reducing my impulsive purchases :-)


3 Responses to “sweet little victory”

  1. 1 Running Diva 27 January, 2010 at 10:28 am

    Hey, where have you been? ;) Naks, new purchase, eh? Go, run your feet in it!

  2. 2 banggigay 27 January, 2010 at 10:37 am

    hola roselle! was all over. chasing for beautiful sunrises in north america :-) but i’m back! and need to shed some pounds i gained whilst on trip.

  3. 3 ProGait 28 January, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    At least you had the Gait Analysis and for your own piece of mind you now know that you have a neutral foot type. See how you get on with your running shoes, they may be a perfect fit and provide all the necessary support and structure for your foot.

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