i don’t like scuba diving…

…when water is below 25C! brrrrrrr!

been months since my solemates and i dove together. and the inch thick dust our SCUBA equipment has gathered can tell you how much we all wanted to breathe dry compressed air soon.

thus the day-trip dive Z & L planned became a reminiscent of our bellarocca escapade (deserves a separate posting), when all 5 of us – wandersoles plus G are present. the world was still asleep but there we were, 6 girls, giddily chant for the awesome dives ahead!

830ish we were already parking at Planet Dive. oh Planet Dive! i luv how the words roll on my tongue. i miss the resort big time, especially after diving 5 weekends without fail last August-September (till i flew to US). glad to have also all my girlfriends agree to join me in PD, my turf! :-)

scuba center

off to dive #1

10ish off we’re off to Sombrero island. we requested our DM to dive Batok, which he easily said yes to. dive plan was to dive Batok but to continue hovering till we reach Beatrice (one of my favorite dive spots).  volunteered to do the first jump, and oh boy!!! sun was up, but water was rather cold!!! but then again we were warned during the brief, and we thought we’re here to brave the cold waters of Anilao!

true enough, halfway through of the dive, i’m getting uncomfortable already. i thought the water is getting even colder. my dive computer registered 24C. brrrrr. plus there was a moderately strong current too. it could have been a different story if there was a good visibility so i can enjoy the sea life. we’re close to Beatrice when our DM gave us the daisy chain signal already.

back on the boat, inspite it not being a ‘macho’ dive, head felt like being hammered. good thing, DM decided to go back to resort and have our lunch first before proceeding to our second dive.

lunch as always was great! buttered tulingan + pork bbq (skipped it though) + vegetable salad + sweetened banana slice = happy diver.

2ish we headed back to the waters re-energised. second spot was Mainit, so we’re looking forward to seeing white-tip shark around 70ft below. descent was easier cuz there was no current initially. but after 10mins has lapsed i felt the hammering again on my head. boooo! even with gloves on top of my 3mm wet suit to insulate me, the 24C water can spoil what could have been a great dive. if not for the huge hawksbill sea turtle we saw and the numerous cute little nudis, it felt like forever underwater. so i made up my mind and signaled to my buddy, i’m going ahead. i’ll just finish my safety stops and i’d surface to water.

sea lion


on our way back to the resort, all i can think about was to lie my back on the deck and be warm under the sun. i knew i insisted to my solemates that i want to have at least 3 dives, but with water like that, i’d rather chill under the gorgeous sunset on the deck.

gorgeous sunset

PD sundeck
our dive fix may have been far from being great, but with crazy beautiful company, lovely sunset and good conversation, i can’t think of a better way to kick-off wandersoles’ 2010! i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a swell ride once more! :-)

chillin like villains

so do i really dislike SCUBA diving now?? no way!!! only when it’s effin cold like that! :-)


– photos courtesy of my solemates, indayguapa & wanderlass

– cross-posted to wandersoles


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