4 reasons why i joined the condura run

run for the dolphins

Concepcions (elo Ton & Pat!) may have 10 reasons to join the Condura race. i, on the other hand only have four.

One. i’m an environment stewardess a.k.a. tree hugger

race’ main cause was to save the dolphins. and whatever it is to save the ecosystem, count me in! i overheard during the race day, the emcee said for each registrant, Php50 would go to the conservation fund.(please correct me if i’m wrong). with 8,500 runners (that’s effin Php425,000.00!!!), substantial moolah to carry out the rehabilitation of the baclayon pier and the building of floating wharf.

Two. i’m a nomad and Bohol ranks high in my favorite Wow Philippines’ destination.

i’ve been to Bohol twice and wouldn’t think twice of going back again should an opportunity comes. and on both occasions, i was up before the dawn broke and hopped on the outrigger boat to Pamilacan to watch the dolphins dance gracefully to their audience’ heart’s content! on both times, it was magical!!!

isn’t it awesome to make Baclayon and Pamilacan Islands as the beneficiary islands? :-)

Three.i’m a scuba diver.

nothing can make this advocacy to save the marine life be any more meaningful to a heart of a true blue scuba diver! when you have actually gone through the depths of the water and have actually communed with the marine life, you’d be awed how much beauty is there underneath. then you’d learn to respect it and care for it beyond words.

Four.i’m a runner.

even if running doesn’t reciprocate my luv, i luv it unconditionally. it’s been an on & off affair, mainly due to injuries, but i always find myself going back to it – with undiminished passion. S, was a witness how i got overly excited the night before the race, i kept on tossing and turning, which was a bummer cuz we got late by 40ish minutes . when i saw how empty the 10k route already – runners have already gone – i had the choice to go back and just take the 5K route and run with my friends instead. but i thought, ‘hmmm. who gives a damn if i’d run alone and be at the tail end? i run not for anything, i run because of one simple reason – i.want.to.run!’ so i went on and continue the race. it felt good hearing your feet strike the ground of a familiar route. kalayaan fly over used to be my ‘kill-me-now’ part, but surprisingly i crossed it like a gentle wind – unnoticed yet sweet! i haven’t even hit my 3rd km when i saw other 10K runners going down the fly over, ‘good to know, i’m no longer alone on the road’ was my thought bubble :-) a couple of nods here and there to running acquaintances and even to strangers and that proverbial hollers and high fives to good ol’ running friends. it was then i realized how much i missed joining races. after i made the turn around, all i can think about was to reach the uphill again of Kalayaan.  crazy i know! but i want to run facing east to be enthralled with the beauty of sunrise! with less than 2kms to go, i felt the throbbing on my left knee. it wasn’t a nasty pain, but i decided not to push it further. i reduced my pace and did a positive split. the moment i took out my trail mix stash, i knew it’s chikka pace time.

1:56:58 (condura result) – 00:44:12 (lapsed after the gun shot) = 1:12:58; 7.2 min/km;

i may have officially ran sloooooow but i have crossed the finish line immensely happy! :-)

5mins after crossing the finish line

proud finishers


*photos from wanderlass, marco & edith


2 Responses to “4 reasons why i joined the condura run”

  1. 1 indayguapa 10 February, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    wooohoo! did you know that i will benefit directly from the donation to baclayon…my mom is from baclayon and the baclayon wharf was where we used to swim as kids. even up til now, everytime we go home to bohol, we still hang out at the wharf to swim or have a picnic or ‘manginhas’ if low tide. a little trivia, the wharf, where there is a teenie-weenie lighthouse was where cesar montano proposed to sunshine cruz with the loboc children’s choir singing in the background…hehehe.

  2. 2 banggigay 17 February, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    woooah! talaga?! grabe, true blooded cebuana-boholana! si buboy dun nagpropose?? waaaah! how original!

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