enthralled all over again

going back to Coron for the 3rd time didn’t feel like it at all. especially this time around, i was with my closest dive buddies and closest friends.

concocted only the night before the booked flight, diving Calamianes is the next best plan after a failed Tubbataha live aboard adventure. i could have easily suggested a different destination, like Malapascua or Siquijor (both places i aim to do some diving too), but the charm of this group of islands in Northern Palawan beckons me like its own child, longing to throw me a party for my homecoming of some sort.

for a starter, Barracuda Lake elicited a wooooah! moment as we were welcomed with such beauty after climbing the karsts. T, a brit chap who’s been a full time traveler for two years already, exclaimed ‘gorgeous!’,  in my head though i said ‘wait till you see Kayangan Lake’

fantastic!!!-Kayangan Lake, view from the dividing hill, 2005

Barracuda Lake famous for its reverse thermocline property and the lone barracuda that resides in it, was successful in setting the bar high in Coron’s diving experience.

we ended the night at some local joint close to our resort, with a toast to awesome dives in the next days.

barracuda lake-L-Barracuda Lake, photo from wanderlass

true enough, the next 4 days were filled with beautiful adventures as we conquer each ship wreck. funny how penetrating Akitsushima gave me nostalgia of my first ever penetration dive last 2008. i was with my foreign dive group and E, my buddy, were all inside the lower chamber already, when i suddenly chickened out and felt claustrophobic seeing the small, really dark and unfamiliar passageway. i had to pause for a moment and rethink whether i indeed want to do it. E went back to me and asked me if there’s something wrong, but i just signaled that OK sign, without thinking. during the first few meters of finning, i can almost hear my heart throbbing unusually hard. i was sooo close to aborting when a hand reached for me and led me to the end of the tunnel. it was a reassuring hand that made me go back to my senses and reminded me, ‘you’re trained and equipped to do this. we can do it’. now 2 years have passed, in the absence of the split second anxiety and dependable buddy (not that i’m saying my new buddy wasn’t dependable) but equipped with new learning and experiences, i saw Akitsushima differently. a humongous 150m long warship, lying on its side, is remarkable for its good penetration. thrice i heard J, the usually silent one, muttered ‘wooooow!’ underwater.

Coron Crewthe Coron Crew, photo from indayguapa

siete pecados-bday 1, after the Siete Pecados dive, photo from indayguapa


irako– Irako warship, photo from indayguapa

as if the awesome dives weren’t enough, we found ourselves plunging to the turquoise water of Calamianes to head to the uninhabited little private island and find solace on its stretch of white sand. i was actually thinking of bringing my friends to Kayangan Lake, but realised that it’s the perfect way to end an action-packed weeklong holiday, with lovely sunset as our backdrop, with a cold beer on one hand and chips on the other, with sand between our toes.

CYC island-K-2– the crew heading to CYC island, photo from Kat

CYC island-K– beautiful island, photo from Kat

holiday salvaged. dive fix met. Coron revisited. old flame rekindled.

good times yeaaaaah!


2 Responses to “enthralled all over again”

  1. 1 lonerunner 6 April, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    ang ganda!!!!
    yung mga pictures na ganito makes u realize na maganda pla talaga ang pinas.

    BTW, wla na ako blog. I dont blog anymore… naka block na.


  2. 2 witchkitty 7 April, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    I <3 Coron!

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