your moleskine is filled to the brim already, time to visit your online crib

i know i’ve been missin my crib, all the more my regular rounds to my neighbors. but Facebook/ Twitter have been keepin me updated (at least to some of you out there, holler!!!), thus procrastinate swinging by to blogs i used to frequent.

and yes i sooo agree how FB & Twitter changed the landscape how friends and almost-friends keep touch, but there is a deeper sentiment in reading one’s soul on his page that even the most updated FB or Twitter page can’t divulge.

wooow! it felt like my 50 First Dates. seems like my blog and I are back to where we started…back to square one.

but man! i can’t complain. this crib waited for me patiently till i’m ready to be back! so let’s see what i can muster.

July was a month of realization. around my little room of jaded perspectives, i found myself screamin, ‘Eureka, eureka!’. when thrill and excitement were mere notions to me already, i started greeting each morning again giddily. i stopped worryin’ about things and put all my cares on the sideline. for the first time in months? or in years? i began to LIVE!

August rolled out with sweet surprises. sweet revelations that came smoothly, almost sneaky actually. and i luveeeet! who would have thought that those little things that unfold right before your eyes, can give you so much hope again. ahhhhh! life is effin beautiful!

September based on the first 15 days has been a swell ride! attempts to putting things to oblivion, sleeping it off, sobs in between sobriety, debauchery on wee hours in the morning and nights of reckless abandon…all these and more! (see how i swing moods?).

things may not be rock steady…just yet. but it will sure come there! meanwhile, let’s all enjoy the ride. afterall, i’m in it for the long ride, are you?!


3 Responses to “your moleskine is filled to the brim already, time to visit your online crib”

  1. 1 lonerunner 23 September, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    to some life is a sprint and to others it is a marathon.

    others naman say, life is like a box of running shoes… it is expensive.

  2. 2 E-Rod 28 September, 2010 at 2:27 am

    yeah, funny how blogging (visiting or writing) used to be a regular part of my week. now i hardly ever do. and i don’t even get on FB that much either.

    you really want things to be rock steady? i don’t know if life (at least the interesting ones) are meant to be lived that way. :)

    and yes, i’m in it for the long haul, steady or otherwise

  3. 3 Jaymie 8 October, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Same here. Haven’t done much blog hopping nor twitter or FB checking. Good thing we bumped into each other! Nice seeing you banggi! Missed you and your blog.

    By the way, love this post. Definitely written by a woman in love…with life :)

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