10 for 2010

we just put up the tree at my parents’ home. quite late already if i’d base it in the family tradition. but hey! we still got  a few days to catch up before sweet november ends.

if you’re havin a hard time, i’d make your life easier, baby! :-)

1. Canon S95 + Ikelite UW Case

Canon S95

Ikelite UW case for S95

was actually eyeing for the G11 + Canon UW case for my new P&S and UW camera, and i have already set my heart to it. whilst i was checkin prices in HK shops last week, wanderlass had me changed my mind with her 2 reasons:
– G11 is old, G12 has been long out. S95 is the best P&S now!
– she’ll be my tech support

price wise it’s not far from my choice. feature wise, woooow! i’m no techy freak but this small beast is loaded!!!

i’m now a sell out! :D

for review:

‘get ikelite it can reach up to 60m, we can use if go tech diving. regular canon UW casing is up to 40m only’ – wanderlass

ok i’m again a sell out! :D

and looks like somebody is pursuing the tech diving soon!

2. Backgammon board

Backgammon board

i don’t even need a fancy one. i just need a board i can play on. i miss playing it already. i can’t find a shop to buy here in Manila.

3. TIMEX Ironman Triathlon Heart Rate Monitor Watch NIB

Timex Ironman Data transmitter Heart Rate Monitor Strap

4. Nike SB Bruin


saw this first thru C. and ooooh wooow! what a lurve at first sight! ♥♥♥


5. Diana F+ kit (deluxe set)

diana F plus kit (deluxe)
i just scored Holga 120N, but when i saw this set, my heart skipped a beat :-)

6. Melissa Joy
Melissa Joy

my feet have not experienced Melissa’s comfort! please be my Santa and send a pair my way! :-)

7. Polarized Juliet-Plasma-Ice Iridium or Commit SQ-Polished White-G30 Black Iridium
polarized Juliet-Plasma-Ice Iridium obssessing oakley

i feel i have extra ganda points whenever i try it on. but man!!! oakleys are effin expensive in MNL! i gotta be back in US!!!

8. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote Long Handle

Le Pliage Large Tote Long Handle

plain, in Navy Blue please?!!

but i want it from Paris cuz it’s half the price if i get it from there. i can’t take the additional bucks if i get it from HKG or Sg. arrrrg!

9. Newton Neutral Performance Racer

newton neutral performance raceri just got 2 weeks ago Nike Lunar Elite. and i think it’s too much to get another pair when i have not even ran a half mary officially. but i can’t wait for February for the Condura Race, where i plan to do a half mary. i want another pair soon!!! i feel i deserve it, especially when i’m more than ever, serious about logging those miles up for the TBRDM :-)

10.Japanese Classic Bike from flyingpigeonproject

vintage bike! i want!

after months and months of search, Silverprodigy pointed me somwehere in QC where i can get it at a steal!!!

PS: a basket and a krung krung would complete it! Please PM me if you’re feeling generous. At P3,000 only, you can make me immensely happy! :D


2 Responses to “10 for 2010”

  1. 1 Lilliane/wanderlass 25 November, 2010 at 12:48 am

    So Ging was in a similar situation asking if she should get G12 or G11. But guess what she’s buying? http://bit.ly/fGbRAV for more specific comparison. ;-)

    As for LOMO, I will stand by my LC-A+ it produces the best photo. I know I’m selling it but only because I’m too preoccupied with my too many things that I’m neglecting my LOMO.

  2. 2 lonerunner 16 December, 2010 at 11:39 am

    I like the vintage bike.. It will match my vintage face.

    3k lang pla yan… Saan sa QC store nyan?

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