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is it really 17 mile drive?

it’s the beginning of Fall, and here in NorCal, temperature could drop us low as 50°F (10°C), not considering yet the wind chill. brrrrr. and the tropical specie me finds it hard to move my arse off the bed. but it’s a beautiful day, and driving to Monterey all the way to Big Sur looks sweet! sun is out and temperature is mild at 70°F (21°C). double-clad with pullover and warmer, braved the drive along Highway 1 with D.

17-mile Drive is a very scenic drive along the coast of Monterey Peninsula from Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach. A rugged coastline of granite and white sand beach, dotted with weathered Giant Kelps, Cypress and Ghost trees that add charm to the beauty of the restless sea. the entire stretch allows you to commune with nature to give you that requisite respite from the city’s chaotic jungle.

norcal maptoday’s drive to Big Sur

DSC_0585art of cairn, yeah gotta show it off

DSC_0618seated next to a Western Gull overlooking the seal and sea lion-covered Bird Rock


how music & goodbyes intertwine

22D: 10H: 25M: 15S

before the Coachella 2008!

3 days of celebration of music!

line-up this year is FANTASTIC! especially that of day 1! the verve! the breeders! yeah!

i can imagine myself inching my way to see who’s on stage because i can recognize the music…the voice…the lyrics! the sound is too familiar cos it’s the most played in my playlist. i must see him pluck his guitar and just play chillaxin music – too good that i can forget that the scorching heat is 100 degrees and i’m with my friends and we’re fighting for air so we can breathe because 170,000 people or more sandwiched us in the middle of the empire polo field of the coachella valley. and for 3 rockin’ days we’re one of those who chose to onsite camp! and perhaps we’d meet beautiful people as we hop from tent to tent!

crowd at coachella

and yesssss! without mistake…it’s him! jack johnson’s playing!

jack johnson’s playing!

jack johnson’s playing!

(i like how these words roll on my tongue soooo smoothly)

the man!



it’s california, it’s in the US of A, and i just can’t go there in a whim!

saw the 2002, 2004 & the 2007 festival on some amateurish videos, and it hurt me so bad not to see redhotchilipeppers, coldplay, beastie boys, the cure, rageagainstthemachine and all the other artists that have one way or another played so frequently in my car!

but it hurts more now that jack johnson will be in coachella for the first time, and i’m not sharing the day with him :-(

and like another dagger that hit me, i visited his site and saw he’s having a concert tour in oz! may to june!! and i’d reckon i’m still not in land down under by then! ello to my future employer?? what’s taking my visa sooo long?? patience is indeed a virtue – which btw i don’t have! blech!

i guess, it’s not yet time for us to share the same air. but i know…i just know it will come soon…i’m optimistic & hopeful like that!:p (naïve certainty again at work here!)

which brings me to my good good friend C, who said goodbye last week to her h@ppyfeet buddies, good luck to your new oz life! sports, music & culture is much celebrated there, i know you’d have a blast! we’ll see each other (hopefully) soon! and let’s explore that thriving continent / country together! :-) i’d surely miss you especially your kind words on “MAGA”. Maga has actually become an inside joke among the h@ppyfeet attendees of your despedida! to all of us – MAGA is a VERB! hahaha! luvyou mare! please fulfill the dream for me – go see the man in one of his concerts there, ok? :P just like what i’m gonna request to all my friends at the west coast, they’re too many out there in Cali, if you can, go check coachella. i wanna see funtastic shots and i wanna hear BIG stories of how the festival went ;-)

h@ppyfeet's paalam party

h@ppyfeet's paalam party

h@ppyfeet's paalam party


* first two photos swiped from coachella site

tweeting here


good ol’ brew

burst of colors

my luv affair to my islands

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