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front row seats…

…in my house on my couch watching AI..errr…no! it’s AO of course!!! grand slam season officially begins! woohoo!

i wish next year, i could be there in Melbourne right inside Rod Laver Arena under the perfect 18C sun, watching world class tennis and yeah cheering for The Fed! sweeeet!

*on a completely off topic, HOW on earth Sharapova weighs 59.1kg at 1.88m, when i’m 58kg at 1.65m??? arrrg! thanks to my tummy bulges and calves, huh?! what does she eat that i don’t? or should i say what she doesn’t that i do?? haaay!

…at orchestra arena at CCP.


because we are brats, and we get what we want, we scored the prime seats on the premiere day! :-) wooohooo!

i regret that i missed Lea Salonga sang and danced pokah face, i kissed a girl, rehab & halo. all the more when she rocked it with jett pangan! and the winning rendition of Aegis’ Halik!!! good thing there’s youtube! :-) learned also it would be shown on net25 on full HD! yeaaah!

at SM MOA concert grounds. The Killers on 31st! woot woot! already!


baby steps again

lately i prefer doing my journal in my old school notebook. not because i hardly go online (which is the contrary) but because i have the autonomy of not sanitizing my thoughts in my little notebook. but i realize that hey! there’s a privacy option on this site and let that do the trick :-)

so now im back to my world wide web home and slowly trying to re-acquaint myself in doing the drill.


SPLENDID!!! a career slam for my Fed!  14 grand slam to tie with Pete. and wot’s sweeter about it? two in a row on a clay court  – Madrid & Paris! :-) wooohooo! i have to say the road to finals was tough, when most of your games were close matches, but after that match with Monfils, there was no way but up for you! :-) wimbledon, here we come! :-)


my mate J is now in europa. another mate J is flying there in a week or so. and it’s only now i realize how i sooo miss europa. whilst i was writing all the restos i tried in paris and versailles, and the plays i saw in LDN, and the train routes i had when i crossed 6 countries last summer (as they have requested to help them out with their iti), i felt this aching feeling how i enjoyed my european trip last year.

it didn’t help to receive updates from KLM how cheap their flights are now. a business class would cost one only for a return ticket to most of the key cities in Eu a friggin’  1200++ USD only!!! that’s a steal!!! (but ok, i’d get the coach tickets, nonetheless ;p )

worst, to sit inside the theater with my travel buddy / solemate ordinaire L, to see Angels & Demons, when i almost didn’t notice how the movie adaptation’s totally different from the book i read 3 yrs ago. why? because we’re not concentrating on the film but we’re both fantacising to be in italia that very moment to take 1001 photos of all the places mentioned in Brown’s story. that movie’s indeed an eye candy! dammit! that night i resolved to scoring a 10mm lens for my cam!

but i can’t let my luv for europa overcome my project: save for US tour ;p i can’t let my highschool buddy L down, when i have already declined being her maid-of-honour because of my initial concern with my visa. but now that i have it, i promised her that i’d cross oceans and continents to celebrate with her on her union with her soul mate. and a sidetrip for a month both in west and east coast will surely be part of the agenda.

and since i’m having a hard time totally cutting my expense now that i’m a freelancer, i really need to be creative now on coming up with sidejobs before september comes.


my comeback dive was a PG weekend dive! oh yes! a wicked dive at verde island passage! (this deserves a separate posting!). after months of not being able to dive due to my accident on a moped ride, i felt like a new diver again super eager beaver to dive every chance i can get :-)


for someone who publicly declares her aversion to treadmill, i even shocked myself swiping that plastic card in a sportshouse’ counter to have that no-frill-only-standard-features treadmill for myself.

why not, when it’s been raining incessantly in MNL and thus prevent me from training my knee?!

thanks to 0% interest rate at 6mos to pay promo of hsbc!!! hahahaah!


got a new adapted sibling. she just turned two, but i sometimes think she’s two years older. she drives the whole household crazy, but she is the current luv of my life!!!! :-)

i’m still sobbing



Dear Roger,

My heart was in great pain watching the final set draw to close. I know how you wanted to meet Rafa in the Finals and show the million fans out there how beautiful tennis is, but I know too how you desire to get the Cup.

People don’t understand it’s not just about getting the 14th Grand Slam Cup nor getting the 4th Oz title. It’s the disappointment of being that close to the Cup, so close that you can almost taste it, but it slipped in your hand and got snatched by your greatest rival.

But all those who saw the game would say it’s indeed another classic match! A match that would be etched in oz open history. And yes even after losing from Rafa, you remain the crowd favorite in the rod laver arena.

When they saw you shed tears last night, you’ve earned their respect more than ever. It was indeed an emotional moment. I welled tears with you. arrrrg! How my heart broke seeing your lips trembling like that! But I have to say I admired too Rafa’s humility and sensitivity. He has all the right to gloat about his finish but he credited you for your greatness and he expressed his confidence in surpassing Pete’s record.

My Fed, it’s just the start of the year. More tournaments ahead, and more final match-ups to go. Don’t be disheartened by this loss. Your spirit is that of a real champion. You will get over it and you will be back in the court with the same strength, passion and gusto!




Perhaps you need a new inspiration. *ehem*

Would I be too bold if I volunteer? ;-)

with only one more day

i should have started chronicling my europa trip, but the london chill brings out the laziness in me for the past nights and if you’re goin’ to ask me, i’m not even going to start how upset i am…yeah until now big time…with the wimbledon results!

i wonder though if we’re able to get the center court ticket yesterday, would it change the results of my Fed’s game knowing that his banggigay is watching him defend his title? :-) errr! what a thought! yeah! you’re free to tell me now…”in your dreams!”



i never wanted sunshine soooo bad like today. and 12C on a summer day is something a hardcore-tropical-specie like me can never acclimatize with. it’s just crazy to begin with! and besides, i dont want to finish my story with…london a very gloomy city.

so please please please…some sunshine is all i need.

rollin’ out

i’ve had 3 heartbreaks last weekend: Arsenal, Woods & oh! The Fed. but tonight with Arsenal facing Bolton, i am positive that this weekend would be a better one. (can i celebrate early for the gunner’s victory?) hahaha!

and yeah for those who didn’t get the sevens’ tickets, you guys know who you are, thanks for the invite to join you in the junkie and sail the south china sea instead. i still think circumventing the lamma island with a cool company is far better than having a booze in the stadium whilst watching the rugby heroes. and yes, i’d luv to, but HK is HK. i can’t just swing by there in an impulse, even with my very pregnant mileage points in PAL. i’m a mere labor force of a third world country.

besides, with mizuno infinity run on sunday & anilao waters waiting for me for a weekend dive with my buddies, how can it be any better? :-)

been procrastinating lately on blogging, but seriously, work in the office is up to my neck lately. it’s getting crazier by the day. and yes, i’m comforted with possible out-of-country business trips again (of course with sidetrips in between), i still yearn for chillaxin mood of the islands…sweet smell of sunscreen…and tickly feeling of sand between my toes…


tagged, atbp.


i knew even during the earlier part of the series, sharapova will be the oz champ. she was shining her way to the crown when she defeated davenport in the second round. but her most stellar play (yes far better than her match against ivanovic in the finals) was when she defeated henin with a smash! right that moment dad said, “etong magandang batang ‘to ang magchampion”. final game was an eye candy for boys i’m sure! even i can’t resist to just ogle how beautiful the two players are! i could hardly concentrate on the game, next thing i knew, sharapova was on her knees rejoicing for that big win!

and on my fed? in his match against the young lad, he wasn’t himself. i think djokovic is on his way to being the next top seed but in that particular game the fed is not the fed. i know that for sure! his passing shots alone are absent. arrrg! but for all its worth the lad deserves the grand slam victory! my heart would break big time if tsonga snatch it from the lad.

my fed, it’s only february. circuit has just started, right? :-)

hooray to women’s world cup of golf champions dorothy delasin and jennifer rosales!!! ang galing talaga ng pinay!!

as for me, i’m skipping takbo para sa kalikasan, and all the other runs this february. saw a sports’ doctor already (thanks btw to tbr), and i’d be undergoing his program. i don’t want to be a bean counter for now, though i must say it’s costing me money to have my knee rehabilitated. but just thinkin’ how doc canlas can take away the pain and make me come back to what i luv doing, consider me a willing prey. to all my well wishers and to my h@ppyfeet family, salamat po sa pag-aalala! i know i’d be missing the training runs at night but i’d be waiting proactively till i’m fully recovered…i’d be faithfully doing my cross trainings and strengthening routines so we’d run together in no time at all!! :-)

hmmm… for the meantime…my scuba diving friends have been inviting me for over a month already. i miss the underwater life already!

oh and btw, i just summit mt.maculot. it was fantastic up there :-) stories swing here.

The rule: Remove 1 question from the list below, and add your own personal question to make it a total of 20 questions. Tag 8 people, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all. tagged by isabel

1. At what age do/did you wish to marry?

2. What color do you like most?
for two years now, it’s Red. i used to say though way back in high school that it’s black (if it’s a color, ok?) para kunwari cool, but actually it’s pink.. fuchsia pink! Hahahah!

3. If you can learn another language this year, what would it be? Just one.
mandarin. i fully understand the new economy china is rolling out globally. and i think it would be of great help to be able to know their language.

4. If you can travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
top 10 na lang (in no particular order): Spain, France, Egypt, Cambodia, Laos, Prague, Ireland, Italy, Tunisia, Germany

5. Which part of you that you hate the most?
calves! boo!

6. When you get sad, what do you do?
either i read a book or i run miles.
if i’m sad about something i can’t do anything about, i wanna get lost to a really well written book. but if i’m sad on something i can resolve, i run alone till my feet sore (or my knees for that matter) and think how i’d face the gloomy days. these help me big time!

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do with the money?
so that’s about 40M in Php, hmmm. 1. investment of all kinds: property, business etc 2. europe holiday with my family 3. amanpulo holiday with you-know-who 4. donate for foundations like kythe, haribon and global warming advocates ganyan. 5. tithes

9. What do you love the most last year (2007)?
I think my 2007 was indeed a roller coaster ride in every sense of the word. but it was fun and it taught me a lot!

10. What is your New Year’s resolution?
to save seriously. i wasn’t able to save significantly last year. haaay

11. What is the moment you regret most?
rode on a bike without brakes on a steep downhill. arrrrg! now opt to wear teeth caps.

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
lame duck.

13. What is your greatest asset?
can i say my humor? for some reasons, peeps think i’m crazy!

14. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
seriously? food to eat for those kids i see on streets

15. Person you’d want to be stuck in a deserted island with?
oprah. i think she’d make my getting deserted an experience to thank for.

16. Name the one body part your hubby or boyfriend tells you he adores.
haven’t asked. and i’m dead sure he won’t tell me.

17. It’s 2008. What are you looking forward to this year?
my move to down under and how my life would fare there

18. Anything in your life that you wish weren’t so awful?
tardiness! my being punctual sucks big time!

19. What’s the shallowest thing you intend to do this year?
get my hands on that Melissa shoes. have asked a friend in Sing to buy me a pair, cos if i buy it here, it’s 200% more. but she failed to get me my size so she just took it for herself. haaay
:-( been 7 months since i wondered how that cute jelly would feel if i wear it.

20. And the most noble thing you plan to do?
to help saving the environment in a global scale like that of global warming project of al gore! i have nothing but admiration for that man on this project he had.


– end here –





two legends in one seating

almost didn’t make it in clark (bought AK tix over 5J cos AK has daily flights to KUL and i cant go to KUL earlier than wednesday). was late for the shuttle to clark, so i got to call dad and asked him if he can drive me to airport. our flight was 1140 and we’re still in manila and it’s already 8ish! had to say my prayers to all the heavens – no traffic, no more mishaps no more nothing.

but if you are meant to see the Fed, the entire universe will conspire with you and will let you arrive to airport just before the clock turned 1030! sweeet! i lurve my super dad!

S & I felt victorious for still making it, despite the heavy rains we stormed. only hours after that, we’re waiting for C at KL central to be ready, so i can bring them to genting highlands :-) yes!! we made it! “i’m seeing The Fed in flesh tomorrow night!” was my thought bubble!

the next day, had a full day touring S in the city, brought her to menara kl tower, petronas skybridge, merdeka square, and all the other must-see in the city. but traffic was bad and got back to the hotel 6ish! waaah! the game starts at 8, and the stadium is more than 40mins away without the jam. even if our tickets have seat ID on it, i can’t be complacent cos i don’t want to miss the pre-game interview of the two legends.

told the cabby, cant afford to be late and that if he can bring us to the stadium in a speed of light, i’d give him extra. two weeks ago though when i was there in KL, i went to see where the stadium is, and you wouldn’t believe how many roundabouts in shah alam we took before we reached malawati. so to ensure we wont be late because of taking the wrong roundabout (approx addl 12km if we did), used my BB’s GPS navigation. but we’re lucky to have a cabby who knows his way around and wooohoo! we’re in the stadium before the game started.

was literally running to go to the main entrance to have my eticket scanned, never mind if C & S were still outside taking their time to go in. and yay! we got in just in time for the pre-interview! but to my dismay the seat we thought 2-3 rows away from the court is like couple of rooows away! waaah!:-(

i’d reckon, 15 rows for VIP alone (not for sale seats) and another 10 rows to our front at the north wing. bought just 2 days after the tickets got available online and there we were 25 rows away from the Fed :-(

ok the stadium is a 12,000 seater capacity and we’re lucky enough to get that AA5 & AA6 (Chaia is at BB7) seats. but elllo!!! how can my Fed see my labour of luv poster? how can he see me upclose? hahaha!

anyway, i’m just so thrilled to be seating there and seeing my Fed in flesh! was cheering all throughout the game. and infact just because i so so enjoyed the exhibition match that even during the set when bullet pete was leading, i still find myself cheering;p good thing my french seatmates on my left, and hmmm chinese(?) on my right were not the baduy and KJ spectators! they too have their own cheers! :-) hahaha! i must admit though, 60% (it’s the highest i’d accept) rooted for the old legend, pete.

for about an hour and a half i saw nothing but pure brilliance, talent and entertainment. yes, entertainment! cos you’d see them both really having fun in their game. a lot of times pete was really cracking it up, like when he imitated rafa, when he showed off his arms like that of roddick’s or like when he tried to overrule the umpire. i mean he’s amusing. and indeed, all the write-ups about roger are not overrated. he really lets his game do the talking.

everything is surreal to me even up to now! :-) was an old fan of the old chap, and since 2003 had a change of heart and became The Fed’s and just when i thought i wont be able them to see at the same time on hard court playing great tennis, there i was at malawati…and though i stopped taking shots on the 1st set tie break even if i said i’d take 1,001 shots, cos i cant concentrate really on the game…my good friend S because she’s a pete fan didn’t bother getting a good video of my fed (after i have requested her to use my cam and get some videos) and all i got are pete’s 210kph ace service videos…i was almost caught by the stadium marshals/ guards for getting 2 tarpaulin posters of the two supahstars from lamp posts after the game, and that i wasn’t able to meet the Fed personally (i mean really get close to him so i could tell him meredith’s line to dr.mcdreamy “choose me, pick me, luv me” over mirka, hahahah!)….i super super enjoyed the game!:-)

now i’m partially (i still have time to time hang-over) settled back home, i know, Wimbledon, Oz, French & US Open are definitely a-must-see-things-before-i-die :p


*was wearing the red singlet of the gawad kalinga run and the Fed wore a red shirt too that night, and it just confirmed me that, ‘yeah banggigay is indeed made for the swiss tennis supahstar!’

**i saw the games in macao and seoul too over youtube…i’d say not as an old pete’s fan nor as the Fed’s fan now, but as a true blue tennis lover…game in KL was the best!

***our flight to KL on an A320 fleet of airasia, 90% onboard is going to KL just to see the exhibition match. i know, cos we had all the time chatting whilst in clark airport.and during the game i’d reckon a lot more than 100 pinoys are inside apart from those i met on plane. so i wonder how come tennis is not such a big thing here in ‘pinas when a lot of pinoys would go as far as malaysia just to see a superb tennis match? phil sports commission?? ello?? don’t you think it’s about time to consider tennis? marathon? football? and not just basketball and boxing?

****he got upclose and personal with the legends. as in!!! haaay! the perks of being a sports columnist! i follow his site like a fan reader and i hope he’d be able to interview the Fed in the future, and i would shamelessly email him and ask him if i can sit inside the set whilst he does the interview :-)

KL 22.11.07 244

KL 22.11.07 270

KL 22.11.07 298

KL 22.11.07 348

KL 22.11.07 479

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