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what anomalous Php 10B Pork Barrel Fund can do

Stormwater Detention Tank

Project: Bonifacio Global City Stormwater Detention Tank
Location: Burgos Circle
Purpose: Detain Excess Stormwater underneath before it is pumped out to Pasig River to minimize if not prevent flooding on streets and overflowing of dams/ rivers.
Project Cost: Php 60-65M
Misused Pork Barrel: Php 10B
Project Duration: 8 mos.

With the Php 10B PDAF misused by numerous Legislators both in Upper & Lower Houses thru these hoax NGOs (particularly that of Napoles’ JLN), we could have had:

153 Stormwater Detention Tanks around Metro Manila!!!

Hello Pres. Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy)??!! Filipinos wanted to see your “tuwid na daan”. We demand these Legislators and their minions to be held accountable for misuse of taxpayers’ money! Please grab them by the balls, and ensure every single cent is accounted for!!! We are counting on you on this!

– screenshots from ANC (Abs-Cbn) vid clip

– orignally posted here:


NO to Republic Act No. 10175 or The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

NO to  Republic Act No. 10175 or The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

NO to Republic Act No. 10175 or The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

i’m amazed how our government works. it would take years and years to approve the Reproductive Health Bill that is already of paramount importance but this rubbish law was passed just like that even with some Senators admitting missing some of the provisions on the Bill.

1. Filipino citizens don’t pay their taxes to get mediocre service from the lawmakers.
2. Filipinos have no obligation to nurse hyper sensitive politicians’ wounded ego. it’s the government’s job to serve its people.
3. Because there are some sore losers in the government, Filipinos will be deprived of Freedom of Speech, in this case over cyber world?

so, where do we go from here? I hope Supreme Court will do its job.


Yes, i understand Freedom comes with Responsibility. Just so you know.

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