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front row seats…

…in my house on my couch watching AI..errr…no! it’s AO of course!!! grand slam season officially begins! woohoo!

i wish next year, i could be there in Melbourne right inside Rod Laver Arena under the perfect 18C sun, watching world class tennis and yeah cheering for The Fed! sweeeet!

*on a completely off topic, HOW on earth Sharapova weighs 59.1kg at 1.88m, when i’m 58kg at 1.65m??? arrrg! thanks to my tummy bulges and calves, huh?! what does she eat that i don’t? or should i say what she doesn’t that i do?? haaay!

…at orchestra arena at CCP.


because we are brats, and we get what we want, we scored the prime seats on the premiere day! :-) wooohooo!

i regret that i missed Lea Salonga sang and danced pokah face, i kissed a girl, rehab & halo. all the more when she rocked it with jett pangan! and the winning rendition of Aegis’ Halik!!! good thing there’s youtube! :-) learned also it would be shown on net25 on full HD! yeaaah!

at SM MOA concert grounds. The Killers on 31st! woot woot! already!


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good ol’ brew

burst of colors

my luv affair to my islands

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