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leafing another page


wanna be cheeky last night and greet him, “happy annivs! thanks for givin’ me back my life!”. but I thought otherwise, cuz i remembered dry humour is not for everyone and he’s not proficient with my second language, sarcasm.

besides, after that bomb was dropped which i actually thought i won’t be able to survive or would leave me such an ugly scar, life has been nothing but beautiful adventures! made several bold grown-up decisions (i’m proud of), and gone through slow sweet steps of metamorphosis <3


your moleskine is filled to the brim already, time to visit your online crib

i know i’ve been missin my crib, all the more my regular rounds to my neighbors. but Facebook/ Twitter have been keepin me updated (at least to some of you out there, holler!!!), thus procrastinate swinging by to blogs i used to frequent.

and yes i sooo agree how FB & Twitter changed the landscape how friends and almost-friends keep touch, but there is a deeper sentiment in reading one’s soul on his page that even the most updated FB or Twitter page can’t divulge.

wooow! it felt like my 50 First Dates. seems like my blog and I are back to where we started…back to square one.

but man! i can’t complain. this crib waited for me patiently till i’m ready to be back! so let’s see what i can muster.

July was a month of realization. around my little room of jaded perspectives, i found myself screamin, ‘Eureka, eureka!’. when thrill and excitement were mere notions to me already, i started greeting each morning again giddily. i stopped worryin’ about things and put all my cares on the sideline. for the first time in months? or in years? i began to LIVE!

August rolled out with sweet surprises. sweet revelations that came smoothly, almost sneaky actually. and i luveeeet! who would have thought that those little things that unfold right before your eyes, can give you so much hope again. ahhhhh! life is effin beautiful!

September based on the first 15 days has been a swell ride! attempts to putting things to oblivion, sleeping it off, sobs in between sobriety, debauchery on wee hours in the morning and nights of reckless abandon…all these and more! (see how i swing moods?).

things may not be rock steady…just yet. but it will sure come there! meanwhile, let’s all enjoy the ride. afterall, i’m in it for the long ride, are you?!

fragment of eternity

love has never been too simple to be understood easily, yet it has neither been too complex to be a source of paradox.

…love is an interplay of pleasure and pain. it is a sweet indulgence of both agony and desire. it embraces fear, and at the same time provides strength. it is both sorrow and joy.

…it is complicated…

the fairy tale description of love—the one that ends happily ever after—is only a myth. propagated by the desire of the lovestruck, the description could be considered as ideal as a fantasy world. it might be invented to satiate the desire for the gush of unexpected ecstasy, of sheer bliss, or of a brightly colored world.

…yet true love is not lost…

…it is a personal encounter…

…it is not always an avenue for pleasure or desire. it has never been a collection of sweet encounters or an array of puerile fancies…

but it is neither about misery…it has never desired for a total surrender…love has not claimed a submission of one’s identity…it does not require the impossible…

…love stands in itself, without a need of a verbose display of words.

..yet many people seem lost…on that sudden unexpected surge of emotions, people succumb to love, without realizing its potent effects…people fail to grasp the complexities that come with it. many want to experience the apparent ecstatic moments, without comprehending the responsibilities attached to it…

…it is not immature. it does not necessitate blind obedience. it longs for its own space.

it is not about letting go of someone…it demands risk and the continuous process of fighting for it, as if gasping for the last breath of air.

…love is adamant and certain…it does not want to be abandoned. ..for a love lost can rarely be recovered.

and the strongest love is the one who can embrace ones mistakes…the kind of love which accepts faults, and at the same time, encourages growth. it is one that seeks enlightenment.

…i write something about it..because i believe in it…and we are celebrating it!!!

…thanks for coming in to my life!

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