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cabbie, music and me

arrived 2hrs late of my ETA in MNL and had to take an airport cab back to makati. it’s been a looong day of airport stuff, connecting flights and yes delayed flights and long queue in PI’s immigration, with a trace of hangover from my day-long cocktail drinking with friends in BKK for a quick catch up, so i’m a li’l pesky, to say the least, when i hopped on the cab.

but to my amusement, the cabie had a good taste for music and his set-up is actually neat for an airport cab. it’s Up Dharma Down’s “OO” playing, and i suddenly realized how i missed listening to real good local music. lead guitar, bass, percussion and the vocals complete the magic of UDD’s music! do you remember the last time when you got actually transcended away from all your cares by music? 

Cabbie’s playlist also included “sana”, “taya”, “thinker”, “tadhana” (oh boy!!! do i luv it?) and so on and so forth jumping from “fragmented” to “bipolar” to “capacities” albums in random order. 

it’s a good 20min drive and all i can think of is how i wanna be alone in my room and play in my itunes more lovely music like that. i miss those days when i would start and end my day with my Sennheiser HD 598 headphones on (had to drop what it is as it’s real steal for its power btw!) and just get lost with the richness and beauty of music of whatever genre. was so deep in it, i came to understand soundstage when a song plays. have you had that? that feeling when you can actually visualize the music coming through your headphone? :-) soooo good you can see it. sooo good, you can taste it :-)

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” 
― Johnny Depp

alone in Gz

was sooo bummed to lose my just bought crackberry this morning in HKG, especially i’m on a pleasure trip, and i’m not suppose to worry on anything.

inspite of my luv for the berry, i realized my affairs to it don’t always last. my friends including my babe are persuading me to ditch the berry and bite now the apple, but the price of the iP4 is just insane!

so before i moved to here in GZ, i kinda did a window shopping of iP4 & the Samsung Galaxy S2. but truth is, my eyes can’t afford to ignore the blackberry display racks too!!!

anyway, wooow! i’m making no sense here (again!). it’s 2ish but my head is still so perked up.

with that i’d leave you with this beautiful shot i took of the Zhujang Xincheng!

on a fast lane

oh!!! i miss P tonight. it’s been 23 days since i drove him off to airport to take his flight to Paris :-( no amount of Skype calls, SMSing and chatting can cover the distance we have :-(

i wish it’s the 11th already!!!

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burst of colors

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