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she suddenly became a food bagger master

it wasn’t easy to say goodbye to Manila and say hello to San Francisco when you know there’s devastation around.

but with 2 days of lending my hands and time, no matter how insignificant my help was relative to the enormous need for help, i earnestly pray Filipinos will again show its resilience and be back to action soon.

i was humbled how a lot of people find time to be out and help out in distribution of reliefs. and though one would see scarcity of supply up to some degree, i can’t help but be amazed how people from all walks of life and from all parts of the globe give graciously to all Ondoy’s victims.

in a few hours – 3 hours to be exact, i’m flying out to North America for a 60 day holiday journey.

that said, i will be celebrating my big 3-0 birthday, not with my family, not with all my friends (just with 2 or 3 friends perhaps) in a city they all say never sleeps – New York. would it really be a big day to me as i inch to officially being a lady on her 30s? hmmm…let’s see…as the journey unfolds! :-)


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