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Medellin, luv at first sight

slept like a baby during my entire flight from Miami to Medellin. cuz it’s been more than 25+ hrs of planes, airports, and terminal exchanges. lucky not to be flying on coach this time or i’d seriously turn to a top-class whiner biatch. it’s been almost 3hrs and pilot has just announced plane’s final descent. and voila!!! woke up to an incredibly gorgeous view of rolling hills and charming city perched on a valley. wooow! had no idea about Colombia’s 2nd biggest city – Medellin. obvi, i didn’t do my homework and read nothing for this trip. just packed my stuff and took off. if you’d mention to me Colombia – i can only come up with 4Cs in my head – coffee(!), Cali Salsa, captivating Colombianas, and coke (!!!). but never had i imagined it to be such a beautiful city. it’s a shame that my knowledge of this city i’m about to explore is obviously as good as nothing. hopefully, my buddy, J, whom i’m visiting here, can introduce me to this beautiful city! ohmygawd!!! i haven’t even explored it yet, and i’m already luvin’ it from above <3 even my (apparently) cute seatmate who’s seated by the window didn’t manage to contain to himself and said, “nice, yeah?”. i let it slide cuz he’s american and it’s understandable if the only adjective he can afford is “nice”. “stunning!”, i replied. he’s nice though after few small talks and exchange of name cards and whatsapp numbers, he offered his seat to me so i can have a better view of the city. i gladly accepted the offer, of course! woooohooo!!! lush green hills some even kissing hovering low clouds, streaks of sunlight casting to the greater part of the valley, and seamless mix of old and new buildings sprawling from the foot of the valley to top. it’s so beautiful…so poetic! <3 can’t wait to land and explore the city, ahora!!! splendid times ahead! yay!   (drafted aboard Spirit)


and she babbles

somebody told me,

“…lose it, relish it, get over with it…and now the REAL party begins”

hmmm…makes a lot of sense!

thanks for playing guardian to the still gullible gidget! :-) you know who you are bugger! :-)

after almost an eternity of being assigned offshore, yesterday my stint came to conclusion. whatever changes living in the quirky city has made me, it will roll out eventually.

but for now, funny how the first christmas song i heard for this year made me ecstatic instantly! ohhh i miss philippines!!! it’s not even halfway of september but PI airport speakers are already playing incessantly holiday cheers! :-) don’t you just luv philippine christmas season? woot!woot!

i tried belly dancing last night! preposterous i know!!! hahaah! but the prize of being anonymous in a city (not that i’m saying peeps know me in MNL, but dooh! it’s different when you’re not worried that someone would recognize you and mock you for just being there in the dance studio!) is being able to explore things you would’nt dare consider back home. hehe!

but i must admit, it’s not for me! and even if i pretend i can follow the hips shaking, trunk bending and imitate the sensuality of the belly dancer, i would always end up laughing at myself (like i did last night) cuz it’s NOT soooo me! dancing was never in my blood, and perhaps it will never be! hahaha!

this doesn’t mean though i’m giving up my loooong time secret affair with S-A-L-S-A!

a paradigm shift in my workplace is happening right now. and i’m for it 101%! how can i not support an ivy league boy with a vision years ahead of his time?! oh! i like our new MD! :-)

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