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Medellin, luv at first sight

slept like a baby during my entire flight from Miami to Medellin. cuz it’s been more than 25+ hrs of planes, airports, and terminal exchanges. lucky not to be flying on coach this time or i’d seriously turn to a top-class whiner biatch. it’s been almost 3hrs and pilot has just announced plane’s final descent. and voila!!! woke up to an incredibly gorgeous view of rolling hills and charming city perched on a valley. wooow! had no idea about Colombia’s 2nd biggest city – Medellin. obvi, i didn’t do my homework and read nothing for this trip. just packed my stuff and took off. if you’d mention to me Colombia – i can only come up with 4Cs in my head – coffee(!), Cali Salsa, captivating Colombianas, and coke (!!!). but never had i imagined it to be such a beautiful city. it’s a shame that my knowledge of this city i’m about to explore is obviously as good as nothing. hopefully, my buddy, J, whom i’m visiting here, can introduce me to this beautiful city! ohmygawd!!! i haven’t even explored it yet, and i’m already luvin’ it from above <3 even my (apparently) cute seatmate who’s seated by the window didn’t manage to contain to himself and said, “nice, yeah?”. i let it slide cuz he’s american and it’s understandable if the only adjective he can afford is “nice”. “stunning!”, i replied. he’s nice though after few small talks and exchange of name cards and whatsapp numbers, he offered his seat to me so i can have a better view of the city. i gladly accepted the offer, of course! woooohooo!!! lush green hills some even kissing hovering low clouds, streaks of sunlight casting to the greater part of the valley, and seamless mix of old and new buildings sprawling from the foot of the valley to top. it’s so beautiful…so poetic! <3 can’t wait to land and explore the city, ahora!!! splendid times ahead! yay!   (drafted aboard Spirit)

is it really 17 mile drive?

it’s the beginning of Fall, and here in NorCal, temperature could drop us low as 50°F (10°C), not considering yet the wind chill. brrrrr. and the tropical specie me finds it hard to move my arse off the bed. but it’s a beautiful day, and driving to Monterey all the way to Big Sur looks sweet! sun is out and temperature is mild at 70°F (21°C). double-clad with pullover and warmer, braved the drive along Highway 1 with D.

17-mile Drive is a very scenic drive along the coast of Monterey Peninsula from Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach. A rugged coastline of granite and white sand beach, dotted with weathered Giant Kelps, Cypress and Ghost trees that add charm to the beauty of the restless sea. the entire stretch allows you to commune with nature to give you that requisite respite from the city’s chaotic jungle.

norcal maptoday’s drive to Big Sur

DSC_0585art of cairn, yeah gotta show it off

DSC_0618seated next to a Western Gull overlooking the seal and sea lion-covered Bird Rock

back from oblivion


the past three and a half years have been a journey. and i know how delinquent i got in visiting my crib. it’s not fair cuz in the past years, i had soooo many beautiful adventures i can only wish now i have blogged right away.

but then again, hey! not that i have more time now in my hands, but i wish not to visit this again without anything to remind me how my week, or my month or my year of chasing dreams was.

so, let’s sit a spell once more and take the ride! <3 

it only gets better and better

i thought 2008 was the best year of my life. a lot of incredible ‘firsts’ that i thought would be difficult if not impossible to beat.

but 2009 didn’t disappoint! despite the initial care that this year would be the official turning of the page, everything rolled out sweetly, beautifully.

the year of the big 3-OH was a blast!

from the decision to taking a gap year last february to the realization of my real passions, everything that happened in between seems tiny peeks of how promising 2010 can be :-)

poignant memories that still linger in my head have finally caved in to crevices of oblivion. not for the interim, but to be sealed with ‘permanent closure’.

beautiful friendships have flourished from solid kindred spirits. no excuses. no apologies. no measure stick.

but incredible ‘firsts’  came short with 2009’s awesome travel adventures, amazing discoveries, immense learning, good business deals, beautiful mates, sweet reunions and rekindled family bond. i can’t be thankful enough with all these.

so to all you guys out there, raise a glass for me, will ya? here’s to 2010!!! :-)

baby steps again

lately i prefer doing my journal in my old school notebook. not because i hardly go online (which is the contrary) but because i have the autonomy of not sanitizing my thoughts in my little notebook. but i realize that hey! there’s a privacy option on this site and let that do the trick :-)

so now im back to my world wide web home and slowly trying to re-acquaint myself in doing the drill.


SPLENDID!!! a career slam for my Fed!  14 grand slam to tie with Pete. and wot’s sweeter about it? two in a row on a clay court  – Madrid & Paris! :-) wooohooo! i have to say the road to finals was tough, when most of your games were close matches, but after that match with Monfils, there was no way but up for you! :-) wimbledon, here we come! :-)


my mate J is now in europa. another mate J is flying there in a week or so. and it’s only now i realize how i sooo miss europa. whilst i was writing all the restos i tried in paris and versailles, and the plays i saw in LDN, and the train routes i had when i crossed 6 countries last summer (as they have requested to help them out with their iti), i felt this aching feeling how i enjoyed my european trip last year.

it didn’t help to receive updates from KLM how cheap their flights are now. a business class would cost one only for a return ticket to most of the key cities in Eu a friggin’  1200++ USD only!!! that’s a steal!!! (but ok, i’d get the coach tickets, nonetheless ;p )

worst, to sit inside the theater with my travel buddy / solemate ordinaire L, to see Angels & Demons, when i almost didn’t notice how the movie adaptation’s totally different from the book i read 3 yrs ago. why? because we’re not concentrating on the film but we’re both fantacising to be in italia that very moment to take 1001 photos of all the places mentioned in Brown’s story. that movie’s indeed an eye candy! dammit! that night i resolved to scoring a 10mm lens for my cam!

but i can’t let my luv for europa overcome my project: save for US tour ;p i can’t let my highschool buddy L down, when i have already declined being her maid-of-honour because of my initial concern with my visa. but now that i have it, i promised her that i’d cross oceans and continents to celebrate with her on her union with her soul mate. and a sidetrip for a month both in west and east coast will surely be part of the agenda.

and since i’m having a hard time totally cutting my expense now that i’m a freelancer, i really need to be creative now on coming up with sidejobs before september comes.


my comeback dive was a PG weekend dive! oh yes! a wicked dive at verde island passage! (this deserves a separate posting!). after months of not being able to dive due to my accident on a moped ride, i felt like a new diver again super eager beaver to dive every chance i can get :-)


for someone who publicly declares her aversion to treadmill, i even shocked myself swiping that plastic card in a sportshouse’ counter to have that no-frill-only-standard-features treadmill for myself.

why not, when it’s been raining incessantly in MNL and thus prevent me from training my knee?!

thanks to 0% interest rate at 6mos to pay promo of hsbc!!! hahahaah!


got a new adapted sibling. she just turned two, but i sometimes think she’s two years older. she drives the whole household crazy, but she is the current luv of my life!!!! :-)

and she babbles

somebody told me,

“…lose it, relish it, get over with it…and now the REAL party begins”

hmmm…makes a lot of sense!

thanks for playing guardian to the still gullible gidget! :-) you know who you are bugger! :-)

after almost an eternity of being assigned offshore, yesterday my stint came to conclusion. whatever changes living in the quirky city has made me, it will roll out eventually.

but for now, funny how the first christmas song i heard for this year made me ecstatic instantly! ohhh i miss philippines!!! it’s not even halfway of september but PI airport speakers are already playing incessantly holiday cheers! :-) don’t you just luv philippine christmas season? woot!woot!

i tried belly dancing last night! preposterous i know!!! hahaah! but the prize of being anonymous in a city (not that i’m saying peeps know me in MNL, but dooh! it’s different when you’re not worried that someone would recognize you and mock you for just being there in the dance studio!) is being able to explore things you would’nt dare consider back home. hehe!

but i must admit, it’s not for me! and even if i pretend i can follow the hips shaking, trunk bending and imitate the sensuality of the belly dancer, i would always end up laughing at myself (like i did last night) cuz it’s NOT soooo me! dancing was never in my blood, and perhaps it will never be! hahaha!

this doesn’t mean though i’m giving up my loooong time secret affair with S-A-L-S-A!

a paradigm shift in my workplace is happening right now. and i’m for it 101%! how can i not support an ivy league boy with a vision years ahead of his time?! oh! i like our new MD! :-)

4000 riel = 1 USD (easiest currency conversion i had in months!)

i lost my debit / credit cards, compass, nalgene tumbler and coin purse in this trip, but even if it did bother me for some time…cuz these are my travel necessities…i cannot equate it to the utter beauty of the experience of a last minute backpacking trip to cambodia.

and though my saigon flat is only a bus ride away from phnom penh, i keep on delaying my trip to cross the border. either i had no time (yet!) or i was still waiting for that perfect timing to finally visit the age-old-dream-must-see-places.

bus ride to PP seems forever. sitting for almost 6 hours with a supposed-great-book-to-read-but-printed-like-crap, or without my ipod’s music playing and worst a dubbed comedy local show being played on bus telly doesn’t sound fun at all. the couch though is very comfy, (one can easily fall asleep), i keep on tossing and turning all because i can’t wait to reach PP and start my adventure. yes i’m impatient, and i hate waiting.

but all grumpiness & tiredness had vanished as soon as we settled in our hostel and thought about the new adventure we’re about to take.

pp looks definitely behind saigon if we’d use economic parameters as scale. but it has more character that bites you instantly. i can’t really figure it out but i think i can breathe freely (both literary & figuratively) in this capital city. and since we only have a day to see PP, we rented a tuktuk to ensure that we’d cover all the places we wanted to go.


viet nam – cambodia border



the royal palace


sisowath quay boulevard (like our very own baywalk)



wat phnom whilst we sports our krama (scarf); we learned that we wore it incorrectly though :-)


national musuem

but because of our very limited time in PP, we failed to visit the killing fields and oudong, to try the ever famous happy herb pizza, to have an amara massage and to try an authentic khmer cuisine somwhere at the sisowath quay area :-(

it may be a very short trip, but i’d say it’s enough for me to understand why cambodia capitalizes on its tourism.

i’m definitely coming back!

sihanoukville ello?!!! :-)

tweeting here


good ol’ brew

burst of colors

my luv affair to my islands

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