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is it really 17 mile drive?

it’s the beginning of Fall, and here in NorCal, temperature could drop us low as 50°F (10°C), not considering yet the wind chill. brrrrr. and the tropical specie me finds it hard to move my arse off the bed. but it’s a beautiful day, and driving to Monterey all the way to Big Sur looks sweet! sun is out and temperature is mild at 70°F (21°C). double-clad with pullover and warmer, braved the drive along Highway 1 with D.

17-mile Drive is a very scenic drive along the coast of Monterey Peninsula from Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach. A rugged coastline of granite and white sand beach, dotted with weathered Giant Kelps, Cypress and Ghost trees that add charm to the beauty of the restless sea. the entire stretch allows you to commune with nature to give you that requisite respite from the city’s chaotic jungle.

norcal maptoday’s drive to Big Sur

DSC_0585art of cairn, yeah gotta show it off

DSC_0618seated next to a Western Gull overlooking the seal and sea lion-covered Bird Rock


the child in me

been looking for this here in Manila. and was disappointed to know that a 4-storey book haven doesn’t have it on stock. *sigh*

no. i didn’t grow up reading the book. i knew Dr. Seuss & Silverstein by heart (met them first when i was in grade school) and read their books the most times than any of my collection, but i never heard of Sendak nor his illustrated book (which by the way shocked the world of J).

we just came back from S’ place and have a major buzz in our head because of cussing-drinking game when K & J animatedly read to me the book. and despite the microsecond naps in between (the warm spiced rum was the culprit, ok?!), i easily related with Max and got lost in his wild imagination. after the storytelling, i just have to grab the book and looked through the illustrations. i became an instant fan! too bad i was booked to fly out to NY the next day and missed the premiere day showing of it. would have been perfect to see it on the silver screen with the Crew!

cute King Max

and did i get the chance to see it on the big screen?

YEZZZ!! on my first night in Jersey. was lucky to catch it on its second day of showing.

it’s all worth the popcorn and soda i brought in! :-)

happy times!

she suddenly became a food bagger master

it wasn’t easy to say goodbye to Manila and say hello to San Francisco when you know there’s devastation around.

but with 2 days of lending my hands and time, no matter how insignificant my help was relative to the enormous need for help, i earnestly pray Filipinos will again show its resilience and be back to action soon.

i was humbled how a lot of people find time to be out and help out in distribution of reliefs. and though one would see scarcity of supply up to some degree, i can’t help but be amazed how people from all walks of life and from all parts of the globe give graciously to all Ondoy’s victims.

in a few hours – 3 hours to be exact, i’m flying out to North America for a 60 day holiday journey.

that said, i will be celebrating my big 3-0 birthday, not with my family, not with all my friends (just with 2 or 3 friends perhaps) in a city they all say never sleeps – New York. would it really be a big day to me as i inch to officially being a lady on her 30s? hmmm…let’s see…as the journey unfolds! :-)

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good ol’ brew

burst of colors

my luv affair to my islands

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