project code: HKG

my journal’s been very busy digesting all my stuff whilst i almost forgot updating this one. not that i can’t find the time but perhaps i’ve been spending too much time in my facebook page already! hahah!

nyway, weekends been packed with adventures with my fellow wanderlust buddies. hey i deserve it, as my weekdays lately have been really long! work load is crazy and weekend getaways are my only upper.

been missing a lot of my serious runs but i did a couple of long runs i’d say spiced up my training for the project: feb 8.

a run along the beach of anawangin at 6am? man it was a religious experience! the salty morning breeze that hits my face, the fancy feeling of sand underneath my feet and how it contours to my every stride, the sweet sunrise that promises another splendid day and the crashing of little waves as it reach the shore….ahhhh! i wish i live in an island like it!



an hour or so run around fort bonifacio at night was something new to me too. i’d nomally run there in the morning or during races but i thought of showing B high street. but not to do the ususal stuff like dining & shopping but to hit the road and run around the manicured streets of global city.

a long run at intramuros walls and then down to roxas boulevard to ccp. it drizzled on our way back but it was nothing compared to the real fun we’re havin’. it was nostalgic for me to go back to the walls that house my alma mater. had 5 growing-up years there and to be back after almost 8yrs was like reconnecting to my old self – more carefree, less driven and still very anxious of what the real world is about to unfold after my graduation. it was only then i realized how running with a friend is sooo much better than just listening to your ipod music :-) it’s good to train with him too cuz he’s fit (being an ex-US military captain), so i had to push myself a bit further to cope with his pace whilst at the same time we’re able to share a good conversation.

i just wish time stood still and that i can run like that some more. i barely have two months to go, and im still away from my targets. but i know, i just know….it’s now time to rock n’ roll!!!:)


7 Responses to “project code: HKG”

  1. 1 Connie 30 November, 2008 at 10:05 am

    Wow, that’s an awesome stretch of sand and sea. Any recommended accommodations in Anawangin?

  2. 2 sardonicnell 30 November, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    ganda friend! saan eto banda? i may see it this dec pag uwi ko, hehehe ;)

  3. 3 banggigay 30 November, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    hola sassy lawyer! :-) anawangin remains a private enclave thus no resorts or accommodations yet (i hope it would never have:p). whenever we’d go there, we bring tents and mats so we can camp at the island :-) using the loo is not also a prob, cuz the dela merced constructed a closet & deep well for campers.

    however if you’re not into camping, you may choose to stay in anawangin for a day trip only and go back to pundaquit where resorts are many. let me know if you have other questions, i’d be glad to be of help ;-)

    nellie, you’re coming home?? when?? woooaah! this island is just in san antonio zambales, 30min boat ride from pundaquit. going to san antonio has never been so easy, bcos of the new SCTEx! it was cut to only 2:30 and the view is just amazing! woohoo!

    i can go with you when you decide going there. it’s an escape indeed! you’d luv it for sure! :-)

  4. 4 witchkitty 1 December, 2008 at 10:02 am

    doing well! I am sure you will enjoy the run in HKG!

  5. 5 runningshield 4 December, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    hey . beautiful beach . i have to check this out. always wanted to run naked in the beach.oppps sorry – patrick c.

  6. 6 banggigay 4 December, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    ahahah! you cheeky patrick!! but well if you have the guts you definitely can do it here, with some caretakers only of the island (10 the most), running naked would be something! :-) but i know an island somewhere in coron where you can do it without a bean of care, and yeah the stretch is just as amazing as this only sans the pine trees ;-)

  7. 7 Ron 12 December, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Hello Bangge,

    So, I see you’ve finally reached Anawangin… Hehehe. Oh, incidentally it’s not an island. It’s just an isolated cove that is still part of the island of Luzon.


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