sari-saring lakad

i know i said M5’s concert ticket prices were ridiculous. infact gregmontee and i already accepted we’re gonna miss that concert and that we’re gonna boycott its promoter (hahah! as if our two tickets would hurt them!). but like a manna from heaven that falls freely at daylight, R, a CS friend, scored me a free ticket at the upper box! :-)

Maroon 5

woot woot!

after a light dinner at cibo, headed to the dome 8ish. saw a couple of showbiz stars (i know, i know, i’ve always been star struck. sorry i can’t help ogling katya santos’ face, whoopee! the seat was just perfect, almost at the center of the dome!

too bad my nicholaus wasn’t allowed inside.

lady guard: ma’am lahat po ng professional cameras di po pwede sa loob. pakiiwan na lang po sa baggage counter ang camera nyo.

me: ganun? e miss, pano kung di naman professional yung photographer, ok lang ‘tong pro camera? kase di ko pa naman alam masyado gamitin ‘to e. (with a grin;p).

so i used instead my P&S cam with limited zooming capability. haaay!

worse, it got bat drained after only the second song! booo! thanks to my alternative mobile phone for the videos on the latter part of the concert



last night tita mama, erick (alterego’s sibling), alterego & I went to the driving range for our weekly fix. kinda excited like a kid with a new toy, cos I’m drive testing my new shoes & the demo units (iron clubs) by mizuno (thanks to C for the clubs btw!).

1. those 2 demo units are great! it’s not too heavy unlike my iron clubs (steel made)

2. I can feel the club’s acceleration as I swing it to the ball.

3. I badly needed a Pro! We used to have a Pro in LCDR but we want a Pro that we’ll be personally handling us and teach us the right stuff. So we decided to move to the famed Pro at HGS. (Mr. Abe Rosal, coucou!we’ll wait for your return next month!;p)

Parallel to this our group has an EB at log com. It was nice to finally see the face behind the names at PG. hopefully next time we’d meet more. we need all the tips we can get from these far better golfers.

On Sunday, dubbed as the biggest and only all-women’s run series in the Philippines will have it’s Pinay in Action ’08 Run. it’s a brainchild of sen. pia cayetano. it’s advocacies include Women’s Health, Inspirational and Career Talks, Seminars on Breastfeeding, Anti-Violence Against Women and Children, Run Races and Fitness Clinics thru activities like all-women sports events, fitness clinics, inspirational talks and seminars on women’s health, anti-violence against women, breastfeeding.

PIA advocate

hop here to PIA’s site for registration.

tara na takbo tayo sa linggo! :-)


3 Responses to “sari-saring lakad”

  1. 1 chaia 10 March, 2008 at 11:42 am

    hahahaha yun lang :p

    galeng ng PIA run natin :D!

  2. 2 e-rod 11 March, 2008 at 5:40 am

    hey, how did you do on the pia run?

  3. 3 banggigay 11 March, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    chaia, hahahaha too! *sorry guys it’s our inside joke!* ;p
    on PIA, uu aliw sooobra!

    eric, i did great. or should i say i felt great?! :-)

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